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Are all your Bluetooth headsets suitable for sports?

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  • Feb 24,2022
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wireless noise cancelling earbuds


The sound insulation effect of this sports wireless noise cancelling earbuds bluetooth headset, earplugs of different sizes ensure comfortable wearing, the control keys are more concentrated, and it is more convenient to carry, because many sports bluetooth headsets are from ordinary music headsets, the process is more mature, and the use of bluetooth modules is more perfect, with Comes with better protection effect and more powerful technical application, it is a favorite of sports Bluetooth headset products. But some roads may be overlooked due to the sound insulation effect.

Suitable for the crowd: All kinds of people can choose the in-ear sports Bluetooth headset that suits them.

Bone conduction:

This kind of Bluetooth headset has high safety, such as less damage to the eardrum, and the waterproof effect is also valued by many manufacturers. When swimming, traditional earphones conduct sound through water and air, which will cause certain damage to the sound quality, while bone conduction earphones directly conduct sound through bones, which will achieve better sound quality than traditional sports Bluetooth earphones. This kind of sports headphones has also become a must-have equipment for many professional swimmers when training.


The sound quality of bone conduction headphones is really its biggest flaw, and it takes a long period of time to change the problem of poor sound quality. The biggest disadvantage is that the heavier characteristics will also bring about long-term wear. There is a strong sense of oppression. Users who want to play with this type of headset can keep trying. If we want to choose a serious sports and Bluetooth headset, we should buy an ordinary sports Bluetooth headset technology product.

Good for: Users who enjoy swimming and popular listening methods.


The exterior design is one of the highlights of these sports Bluetooth earphones, which are relatively inexpensive and can be worn and listened to by entry-level users, making them more suitable for simple cardio. The wearing effect is also relatively comfortable, and there is no strong sense of penetration. It's also a type recommended by many exercise gurus, and it's popular because it's stable to wear, moves strong, and doesn't fall off.

Applicable people: Suitable for girls to choose to wear, it is the best hearing equipment in the gym.

The overall structure design of this headphone market is very user-friendly. In addition to the shark fin ear wings used, not only the material needs to be soft, but also it can be designed to be very intimate and brought to the ear without any other uncomfortable feeling. With stability, the development of reinforced engineering materials and IPX6 waterproof technology level, the waterproof and sweatproof effect can be better, and it is not afraid of the invasion of sweat and rain.



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