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The beautiful sweets are enchanting. 7 patisseries in Yokohama that you must visit at least once.

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  • Feb 24,2021
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The beautiful sweets are enchanting. 7 patisseries in Yokohama that you must visit at least once.

Why don't you try sweets from famous patisseries?

We bring you delicious and stylish sweets from famous patisseries in Yokohama that you'll want to show off.

Yokohama's 7 recommended patisseries*!

naschikatze 《Eta》 (Japanese only)

NASCHIKATZE is a place where you can enjoy the authentic taste of chefs who are certified as Austrian state meisters. In order to convey the charm of Viennese sweets, the shop offers a wide range of authentic sweets, mainly traditional ones.

Many fans look forward to the seasonal Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc every year. It is a delicate dish with a shelf life of 60 minutes. The meringue of the base, the cream of the inside, and the Japanese chestnut paste of the top are all intertwined in this supreme cake.

SWEETS garden YUJI AJIKI《Kita-Yamada

SWEETS garden YUJI AJIKI is a 5-minute walk from Kitayamada Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway. It is not only loved by the locals, but also attracts many people from far away, and depending on the time of day, there may be a huge queue.

You can find a variety of cakes to suit your taste, including tarts, Mont Blanc and baked goods. We recommend the "Anshoku Roll" as a souvenir and one of our signature dishes, the soft and fluffy dough and the low-sweetened fresh cream are a perfect match!


About a 6-minute bus ride from Aobadai Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line, the stylish-looking PUISSANCE is located in a residential area, and has been voted one of the 100 best patisseries by Eat Log since 2017.

The authentic taste is created by a chef who was trained in the Rhone, Normandy and Basque regions of France.

We recommend the apple tart! The crispy pastry and moist apples are a real treat. If you like cheese, the Fromage Cuit, a rich cheesecake, is also delicious.

Atelier Ukai 《Tamaplaza

Atelier Ukai is located just a short walk from Tamaplaza Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. Its stylish exterior is also very impressive!

We recommend the assortment of demi-sec and dacquoise. When you open the cute package, you will find a lot of eye-catching and attractive baked sweets inside. It's sure to make a great souvenir!

patisserie IKEDA《center south

Patisserie IKEDA is a short walk from Yokohama Toei Subway Center Minami Station. It's easy to get to, which is a bonus. You can't help but admire the beautiful cakes lined up in the shop's showcase.

The chef recommends the chiboust, a cake filled with fresh orange and melted custard cream. The burnt caramel accentuates the flavour.

Au petit matin 《Kanazawa bunko

Au petit matin is located at Kanazawa-Bunko station on the Keihin Kyuko Line. With a motto of providing French pastries loved by adults and children of all ages, Au petit matin attracts not only locals but also people from far away.

Our delicate pastries are made with the finest butter and cream, without preservatives or oxygen absorbers. From the popular puff pastry to the seasonal mont blanc, tarts and marron rolls, you'll find sweets with a pleasant buttery flavour.

LES ANGES 《Kamakura

Located just a short walk from JR Kamakura Station, LES ANGES is one of Yokohama's leading patisseries. There are two shops in Kamakura, one in Yokohama and one in Yokohama Takashimaya.

Chocolate lovers will love the luxurious three-layer chocolate cake. The cake is not too sweet and not too heavy, but it has a delicious chocolate taste.

The cookies are a perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine, and make a great souvenir. Basil, gouda cheese, red cheddar cheese... all elegant flavours!

Have a happy time with our wonderful sweets!

Just looking at these sweets is exciting and enchanting. You'll want to eat them all! You can go around the patisseries to find the best one for you, or you can find a souvenir that suits your partner's taste. ...... We hope you will enjoy your time with us in your own way.