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【Gourmet recommendation】 Shenzhen "Dongmending"-a gourmet paradise not to be missed by foodies

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  • Sep 15,2020
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【Gourmet recommendation】 Shenzhen "Dongmending"-a gourmet paradise not to be missed by foodies

Dongmen Ding Food Street should definitely be the conscience of the catering industry. For nothing else, the average price of snacks at the thousands of stalls will not exceed 20 yuan, and the presence of novel foods also makes the tip of the tongue wonder that the FUSION trend has even spread. Snack! Even if you carry only 50 yuan all over your body, you can actually have a chance to eat in Dongmen Ding. If you have no spare time and money to travel around the world, at least your tongue can do it on the food street to taste delicious food.

【Travel Route】

Bus routes: 102, 103, 103B, 306, 113, 11, 1, 203, 211, shopping line (tourist line 2), M403, M404, M407, M408, 307, 309, 351, 369, 3, 59, 5, 64, 69, 82, N3, N6, N7 (all above can be reached)

Metro: Take Metro Line 1 (Luobao Line) or Metro Line 3 (Longgang Line) to "Laojie Station" and exit from "Exit A".


【Start a gourmet journey】

Baiyun pig hand

Baiyun pork knuckle is one of the famous historical dishes in Guangzhou. Almost every restaurant in Guangzhou has this dish. The preparation method is to wash the pork knuckles (forefoot) and cook them first, then rinse them in running spring water for one day, pick them up and boil them with white vinegar, sugar, and salt. After cooling, soak them for several hours before eating. The skin feels crisp and crisp when you eat; the meat is fat but not greasy, with sweet and sour taste, refreshing the appetite, and not tired of eating, which is quite distinctive. Because the spring water is taken from Baiyun Mountain, it is named Baiyun Zhushou.


【Chaoshan Fen Kueh】

Fen Kueh, snacks in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Pour the hot water that has just been boiled into the prepared sweet potato powder slurry and stir until it becomes a transparent paste. While it is hot, pour the transparent paste into a long square bowl greased with oil, smooth the surface, and wait until it cools to become "powder cake". Put the chilled noodles in the refrigerator, take out and cut into small pieces into a bowl, drizzle with homemade syrup and serve.


【Peking duck】

Roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with a world reputation. It originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties of China. The roast duck has been recorded in "Shi Zhen Lu", which was a court food at that time. The ingredients are high-quality meat duck Peking duck, grilled on charcoal fire, with red color, fat but not greasy meat, crisp outside and tender inside. Beijing roast duck is divided into two major schools, and Beijing's most famous roast duck restaurant is also the representative of the two schools. It is known as "the world's delicacy" for its red color, tender meat, mellow taste, and fat but not greasy characteristics.


【Grilled Oysters with Garlic】

Garlic roasted oyster is a dish made by baking raw oysters, garlic, red pepper, chicken powder, black pepper and other ingredients. The preparation method is simple, the taste is spicy and the garlic is rich, it is a delicacy for appetizers.

There is also a second floor in Dongmending Food Street, where a dazzling array of cuisines from various places can satisfy all the needs of taste buds. The crowds are standing next to each other, and eating here is more of a personal pleasure.