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Hong Kong's small beach recommended, these attractions reputation is not bad!

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  • Jul 25,2023
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Hong Kong's small beach recommended, these attractions reputation is not bad!

In Hong Kong want to find a good place to go to the beach is really easy, do not look at Hong Kong seems to be a small area, but there is a long coastline, according to the different terrain there are a lot of beautiful scenery beach attractions, blue water, blue sky, waves, fine sand, the refreshing summer as if in the seaside the moment to feel the profound. Hong Kong has a lot of beach attractions, the most famous is the Repulse Bay, but today I would like to share with you the recommended beaches, is a small number of beaches, the scenery is also beautiful.

Beach Recommendation: Samsung Bay

Some of you may have come to Samsung Bay for the first time. The water quality here has reached Grade 1, with crystal clear water, soft sand, and of course, fewer people. The beach was discovered and gradually built up recreational facilities for tourists to play, but it is a good place to go to the beach. You can take a boat into the beach, more than ten minutes to arrive, the road is also relatively convenient and quick.

Beach Recommendation: Xiamen Bay

The scenery of Xiamen Bay is not inferior to the Repulse Bay and other famous attractions. There is no direct access to the beach by land, but it is fast to take a boat, which is called Jetty at the Sai Kung pier. Xiamen Bay has beautiful scenery, clear water and fine sand, so there are still tourists flocking to the beach on holidays.

Recommended beaches: Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Hung Shing Yeh Beach is also one of the most popular beaches. It is 20 minutes away from Lamma Island Pier, so if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit this beach. There is a barbecue site and a food kiosk that provides barbecue supplies and food, making it easy to buy. The beach is large, the sand is soft, and the sea breeze is not too strong, so it is a good place for kite-flying, playing beach volleyball, or taking a walk or piling up sand, which is natural and cozy.

Recommended beaches in Langjia Bay

Compared with the Repulse Bay and other well-known beach attractions, Longjiawan is also a niche beach good place to go, the top of the blue sky and white clouds, the view is endless clear sea, surrounded by green trees and white sandy beaches contrast, bringing harmony and comfort of natural beauty, far from the bustling city, enjoy the happiness here.

Hong Kong beach good place recommended by the minority of the beach and Shek O, Golden Beach and so on, we can refer to the beach recommended to do a good job of traveling strategy, the development of a pleasant trip to the beach.