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Essential ingredients for cooking hot pot

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  • Aug 13,2020
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Essential ingredients for cooking hot pot

1. Green vegetables. Vegetables are healthy foods that contain a variety of nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, vitamins, etc., and when eating meat dishes with some vegetables, it is not easy to feel greasy and can promote digestion. Therefore, when eating hot pot, green vegetables are indispensable, and they can be cooked directly when they are eaten.

2. Sweet potatoes, potatoes. Hot pot is delicious, Beef Shabu(牛熊市),but some people worry that excessive food intake will lead to obesity. If so, you might as well eat sweet potatoes or potatoes before eating other dishes. These two ingredients are rich in starch and can increase the body’s feeling of fullness. , So you don’t have to worry about eating too much. For the beef shabu-shabu, we can cut them into slices, rinse them in the soup, and eat them soon.

3. Soy products. Soy products are rich in nutrients, such as calcium and protein. Therefore, if we eat hot pot at home, we can soak some tofu skins in advance, and put it on for the hot pot, which is simple and nutritious.

4. Fish and shrimp. Fish and shrimp are rich in protein, but not much fat is inhaled by the body. Therefore, if you are worried about gaining weight by eating meat, you don't have to worry about this level if you eat fish and shrimp. However, it should be noted that some people are allergic to shrimp, etc., so choose carefully.

5. Chinese yam. Yam is rich in a variety of nutritional elements. It has a good health effect, can nourish the skin, improve eyesight, enhance memory, and also has a good nourishing effect on the kidneys. But pay attention to those with constipation to eat less.

6. Fungus, shiitake mushrooms. Eating hot pot with some mushrooms can prevent diseases. Fungus can lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, and prevent thrombosis and other diseases. Shiitake mushrooms can help digestion and lower cholesterol. Therefore, when eating hot pot, it can be eaten with some fungus and shiitake mushrooms. The nutrition is comprehensive and healthy.

1. Use delicious broth stewed from stick bones or large pieces of meat as the "water" for making hot pot.

2. put the ready-made shabu-shabu ingredients on the table, plug in the electricity, and get ready to start the shabu-shabu.

3. There is a little bit of temperature, add the hot pot bottom material. If you like spicy food, you can add more ingredients for the ignition pot. Stir well. Then wait for the pot to boil.

4. The realization of boiling is generally bubbling, and the heat is obviously increased. At this time, you can start adding ingredients.