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What are the characteristics and application areas of the Internet of Things?

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  • Jun 10,2022
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When it comes to the Internet of Things, I believe that the experience of people has been cloudy, very rusty and very long, but in fact, it is not as complicated as you expected, the Internet of Things is, to put it bluntly, the Internet of connected objects,embedded module the contact between things and things, and the traditional Internet, the Internet of Things has its unique characteristics.

First of all, it is a wide range of cognitive technology use.

Secondly, it is a kind of ubiquitous Internet created on the Internet.

Also, IoT not only gives the connection of sensors, but also has the ability to work with intelligent solutions itself, which can execute intelligent control systems on objects. IoT closely combines controllers and intelligent solutions, and uses cloud computing technology computer vision various intelligent technologies to expand its application areas. From the massive data obtained from the sensors, we can analyze, produce, process and solve more meaningful data information to meet the different requirements of different customers and discover new application fields and application methods.

The Internet of Things is an extension of the use of the Internet, the use of continuous innovation of the key to the development of the Internet of Things, customer experience as the key to independent innovation 2.0 is the life of the development of the Internet of Things. The essence of the Internet of Things is summarized in three levels: First, the Internet characteristics, that is, the things that must be connected to the network must be able to complete the data sharing of the Internet; second, the identification and communication characteristics, that is, the "things" included in the Internet of Things must have the role of automatic retrieval and communication of everything; third, intelligent system characteristics, that is, the application The system should have the characteristics of automation technology, its own feedback and intelligent control system.

The main use of the Internet of Things is common, all over the intelligent transportation, ecological environmental protection, government work, information security, security home furniture, intelligent fire safety, industrial production detection, environmental monitoring, elderly care, personal health, potted flower planting, water body detection, food safety traceability, military intelligence and intelligence and many other industries.

Understanding misconceptions

1, treat sensor networks or RFID networks as equivalent to the Internet of Things.

2, treat the Internet of Things as the vast and endless broadening of the Internet, treat the Internet of Things as the Internet service platform of all things completely open to the outside world, all interconnections, and all shared resources.

3, think that the Internet of things is the ubiquitous Internet of everything interconnected, and therefore think that the Internet of things is a loft in the air, is no way to achieve the technical nature.

4, the Internet of things as a basket, everything is loaded into it; according to their own understanding, only the interactive communication, communication goods are used as the Internet of things.

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