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Don’t worry if there are cockroaches in your home, I’ll teach you a trick

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  • Feb 08,2024
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There are often cockroaches in the house, don't worry, today I will teach you a trick, the effect is better than cockroach medicine, kill as many cockroaches as possible, the method is simple,best pest control spray for homes effective, and the cost is very low.

Usually some friends will buy some cockroach killers for use, but some cockroach killers are unhealthy,kitchen cockroach killer unsafe, and not environmentally friendly, and some cockroach killers are not very effective. In fact, the method of getting rid of cockroaches is relatively simple. We can easily solve this problem using a leftover banana peel. Let's take a closer look.

We take a banana peel and cut off the head and tail. It takes a while to cut the banana peel into sections. The banana peel is also an important thing that cockroaches like to eat. Can the sweet smell of the banana cockroach killer bait chinese peel pass through many Attract cockroaches to come looking for food.

Spread the banana peel on a plate and put some bread crumbs inside. Attract cockroaches with stale or leftover bread.

Pour appropriate amount of detergent into the dish. The cleaner is sticky and can clog the cockroach's belly, which is where the cockroach breathes. Once a cockroach blocks its abdomen, it cannot breathe, so it can kill the cockroach.

Sprinkle some detergent on the plate. The detergent is alkaline and can destroy the cockroach's stomach if eaten by the cockroach, thereby killing the cockroach.

Then put some sugar on the plate, which has a sweet taste, as well as food that cockroaches like to eat.

Finally, you can pour a small amount of clean water into it, stir it for a while, and mix the various solutions inside evenly. In this way, you can complete the design of a self-made online cockroach-killing solution.

Usually, we will put the solution in a place where there are cockroaches, the kitchen, the bathroom, a certain corner, etc. The cockroaches will come and eat the bread, banana peels, they will get the solution, they will eat the solution, which will be able to To kill cockroaches, cockroaches kill as many cockroaches as possible. This method is safe, effective and environmentally friendly. If you have cockroaches in your home, you can also use this method to kill them.