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In the globe, which college has the lowest acceptance rate?

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In the globe, which college has the lowest acceptance rate?

The lowest admission rate among all the universities on this list is at Stanford University. In 2021, 3.9% of applicants were admitted. One of the key considerations Stanford looks at throughout the admissions process is academic achievement. However, they consider other factors as well.

Is Monash superior to RMIT?

Monash is the most esteemed, with a tie between Deakin and RMIT. But each of the three is a respectable establishment. Out of Monash, RMIT, and Deakin University, which is a better place to get a master's degree in data science? There is no clear solution to this topic because it is fairly general.

How far up the global rankings is Princeton?

One of the oldest universities in the United States was founded in 1746 and is called Princeton University. It is highly recognized as one of the best universities in the globe, not just in the United States, for its standing and academic accomplishments. This is seen in its 2024 QS World University Ranking, where it is ranked 17th.

What score on the IELTS is required for BU?

7You should be able to communicate in English at the following levels: At least an 84 on the online TOEFL (iBT) IELTS (International English Language Testing System) minimum score of seven香港大學排名

How intelligent is Hong Kong?

The average IQ in Hong Kong is 105.37.Hong Kong, a major financial and cultural center of the world, with an average IQ of 105.37, reflecting a highly intelligent people.

Which university accepts students the least?

Harvard UniversityHarvard is the Ivy League college with the lowest admission rate, thus that answers the question of what college has the lowest acceptance rate as well. Although Harvard has historically been the most selective university, all Ivies are renowned for having some of the lowest admittance rates of any university.

Where in the world's education system is Hong Kong ranked?

China. Hong Kong, with an overall score of 520, comes in fifth place among the best performing nations in terms of education. This translates to scores of 500 for reading (ranked 11th globally), 520 for science (ranked seventh globally), and 540 for math (ranked fourth globally).

Which university in Hong Kong is ranked highest?

Hong Kong's top entry in the QS World University Rankings® is the University of Hong Kong, which is still ranked higher than the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the City University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).best hong kong university

Which country is best to study-Japan or China?

Naturally, studying in China is preferable. China has many internationally recognized universities, a wealth of research possibilities and academic resources, affordable living and tuition expenses, and more.

Which bachelor's degree is the most challenging to earn?

List of the Difficultest Majors in CollegeThe average GPA for legal studies is is the average GPA for computer science.The average GPA for environmental earth science is 2.96.GPA on average for Chemistry: 2.77.Environmental Economics and Policy. GPA on average: 2.95.The average GPA for American Studies is 3.12.The average GPA for nuclear engineering is 3.14.Engineering with Energy.Additional things...