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What do you know about cold chain transportation and delivery for restaurant chains?

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  • Oct 31,2023
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What do you know about cold chain transportation and delivery for restaurant chains?

The needs of domestic restaurant chains include integrated supply chain services, fast, on-time delivery, high network coverage, personalized needs and cost reduction. Cold chain distribution for restaurant chains refers to the process of transporting food from the place of supply to individual stores, ensuring food quality, safety and freshness through specific temperature control and logistics operations.

cold chain logistics system:The cold chain distribution of chain restaurants needs to rely on a perfect cold chain logistics system to realize. This system includes food production, processing, transportation, storage and sales, as well as related equipment, personnel and information management.

Temperature for control: the core of cold chain distribution is that the temperature can be controlled. Food companies in the transportation process we need to keep within a certain temperature range to prevent food spoilage or contamination. Different food safety needs to be controlled by different temperatures, so the development of cold chain distribution needs students to adopt corresponding temperature control technology measures according to the characteristics and requirements of our food.

Distribution time: In order to ensure the freshness and quality of food, cold chain distribution needs to complete the transportation and distribution tasks as soon as possible. Therefore, cold chain delivery enterprises need to have fast and punctual distribution capacity to meet the needs of chain restaurant enterprises.

Individualized demand: Different restaurant chains have different distribution needs, and cold chain distribution companies need to provide individualized distribution solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

Quality and safety assurance: Cold chain distribution is not only a temperature control issue, but also needs to ensure the quality and safety of food. Therefore, cold chain distribution enterprises need to take various measures, including quality inspection, health management and equipment maintenance, to ensure the quality and safety of food.

Domestic chain restaurant enterprises' demand for cold chain distribution is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

Integrated supply chain management development services: Catering chain enterprise culture needs cold chain logistics company enterprises can provide mainly including transportation, distribution, warehousing, packaging, sorting, processing or picking on behalf of the integration of technical services, in order to ensure food quality and safety.

Rapid and on-time delivery: The requirements of cold chain delivery by restaurant chains include multi-temperature, multi-species, small batch and multi-frequency delivery.

High network coverage: With the accelerated store expansion of chain restaurants, the network coverage requirements of logistics service companies are getting higher and higher, which requires cold chain logistics companies to have extensive service network coverage.

Individualized demand: Different restaurant chains have different distribution needs, which require cold chain logistics companies to provide individualized distribution solutions.

Cost reduction: Due to the increase of site cost and labor cost, it is more and more difficult for restaurant chains to make profit, so they need to reduce the supply chain cost and improve the timeliness of logistics to reduce the operation cost.

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