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A hot topic is what?

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  • May 06,2023
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A hot topic is what?

A "hot topic" is something that everyone is talking about. Someone wants to have a serious debate about it if it is a "subject for discussion." At a dinner party, you can discuss a wide range of subjects with the other attendees.

Do hot topics exist in Japan?

Because Hot Topic doesn't exist in Japan, there is at least a sizable overlap between American Hot Topic shoppers and anime lovers.

Can Hot Topic recruit someone at 15?

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15 queries concerning Hot Topic, Inc.'s hiring age policy Are 14-year-olds employed by you? Sadly, the company only hires those who are at least 16 years old.

Does Hot Topic offer promotions?

Is there a newsletter discount at Hot Topic? Online newsletter signups will receive a special discount code good for 30% off your next Hot Topic purchase.

Has Hot Topic ever had stock?

The NASDAQ trades Hot Topic under the ticker "HOTT."

Do gift cards from Hot Topic expire?

Your Hot Topic gift card won't expire, sorry.

What does AB Line mean?

Why do bees zigzag between flowers, while the term "beeline" connotes a straight line? A beeline is defined as "a straight course between two locations on the earth's surface, such as a bee was intended to take intuitively in returning to its colony," according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Can a pistol pierce the nose?

The piercing gun (stud gun) is a specialized instrument made just for usage on the navel, nose, or ear lobes. The only body part for which a stud gun may be used is that for which it was made. For instance, no other portion of the body should be pierced with an ear piercing gun.

Has Hot Topic opened any stores of its own?

As the only major national chain that only caters to the "alternative" lifestyle trends of teenagers and young adults, Hot Topic, Inc., a retail chain with more than 660 shops in malls nationwide, holds a special place in the garment industry.

Does Hot Topic offer discounts to employees?

40% off employee pricing is available for both in-person and online purchases.