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What are the factors through which Bluetooth modules reduce power consumption?

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  • Jul 21,2022
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bluetooth lte module

On the road of rapid development of the Internet of Things, the support of wireless communication is indispensable. IoT wireless communication is widely used in the form of wifi and Bluetooth technology. However, in many scenarios applications, in the data transmission at the same time, but also need to maintain bluetooth lte modulethe device life time, so low-power aspects are particularly important. So low power Bluetooth technology is also favored by various scenarios. So what factors affect the power consumption of the Bluetooth module?

1, the number of times the Bluetooth module transmits and receives

Bluetooth module in each time in the transmission and reception will generate power consumption, the more times the transmission, then the power consumption is naturally large.

2, the transmission speed of the Bluetooth module

Compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 transmission speed limit of 2Mbps, Bluetooth 5.0 than the previous version of power consumption reduced by 15 ~ 50%, bringing a huge advantage in the range;.

3, the Bluetooth module launch time

According to the formula of electrical power consumption: W (power consumption) = U (volts) * I (amps) * T (seconds), we can electrical power consumption formula to know that the power consumption is directly linked to the number of seconds the Bluetooth module transmits. So reduce the Bluetooth module launch time, is effective in reducing the power consumption of the Bluetooth module.

4, the Bluetooth module transmission distance

Transmission distance is also an important factor, the farther the transmission distance, the higher the power consumption.

5, the Bluetooth module sleep mode

Bluetooth module in the not working and did not enter the hibernation mode state, power consumption is uncertain, there may be higher than the hibernation mode, there may be lower than the hibernation mode. So in order to avoid unnecessary risks, let the Bluetooth module in not working, into the hibernation state can ensure that the module normal power consumption.

6, the Bluetooth module broadcast interval

Bluetooth BLE has the following roles: Broadcaster (Advertise), Scanner (Scanner), Slave (Slave), Master (Master), Initiator (Initiator), where the master device as the initiator → Scanner; the slave device as the broadcaster.

(a) During the broadcast period, the interval between each broadcast data transmission directly affects the power consumption value of the module.

The larger the broadcast interval, the lower the power consumption, and vice versa, the higher the power consumption.

7、Broadcast duration of the Bluetooth module

In the broadcast mode, you can set the broadcast duration after each start broadcast, of course, the shorter the broadcast duration, the lower the power consumption.

8, the number of Bluetooth slave delay

Slave Latency (Slave Latency) times, is the number of times to ignore the connection event when connected.

In each connection event (Connection Event), the Bluetooth host must first send a packet, and then the Bluetooth device must reply, and keep repeating this, otherwise the Bluetooth host will think that the Bluetooth device is not normal.

By setting the number of slave delay, allowing the Bluetooth device a certain number of times not to reply to the Bluetooth host data, the Bluetooth host even if the Bluetooth device does not receive a reply will not think that the Bluetooth device is not normal, in this case, the Bluetooth device also reduces power consumption.

The above is about the eight factors that affect the low power consumption of Bluetooth.

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