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How to choose kitchen countertops? 4 common materials are introduced

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  • Dec 07,2023
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How to choose kitchen countertops? 4 common materials are introduced

I've shown you four common kitchen configurations. Many homeowners also have a lot of questions about the selection of kitchen countertops. carrara quartz As a working platform for cutting vegetables and preparing materials, it is particularly important to choose durable and beautiful countertop materials. This time to introduce the common kitchen countertops, natural stone, quartz stone, artificial stone, stainless steel and other materials, to see which one you are suitable for!

Natural stone

As the name suggests, it is mined from natural rocks and processed, because it is completely natural material, each stone has a unique natural texture, according to their own preferences can also choose different types of granite, marble, etc. stone benchtop colours, to add beautiful kitchen space of the natural environment beauty.

Natural stone has the advantages of high density, hard texture, scratch resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., but also because there are many natural pores on its surface, it is more prone to problems such as eating color, dirt, breeding bacteria, and some natural cracks invisible to the naked eye, if you encounter drastic changes in temperature, it is easy to cause cracks.

Artificial stone

Artificial stone is now most families, one of the most common kitchen countertop materials, quartz vanity top its main raw materials are composed of natural stone powder, resin, soft texture, high plasticity, and diversified colors, can cope with different styles of kitchen utensils to do a variety of shapes and styles, because the surface is smooth without pores, easy to clean and maintain, the price is more close to the people than natural stone, quartz stone.

Also because it is mainly composed of resin, poor scratch resistance, perennial use will inevitably leave scratches, it is recommended that you can ask professional manufacturers to polish the surface, moderately let the artificial stone countertop restore smooth as a new look. In addition, the heat resistance of artificial stone is relatively poor, and the hot pot should be avoided directly on the artificial stone table to avoid leaving traces.


Many people will confuse "artificial stone" with "quartz stone". As mentioned above, artificial stone is made of natural stone powder and resin. Quartz stone is composed of timely crystal and resin, so the surface is smooth without pores, hardness is higher than artificial stone, scratch resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance is better, can imitate the texture of natural stone. And because of its hard texture, relatively low plasticity and difficult to process.

Stainless steel

The neat shape of the stainless steel countertop is suitable for use in modern and industrial kitchens, with many advantages such as non-eating color, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good cleanliness, durability and high, so that it has a loyal champion. Stainless steel table with the progress of processing technology, can also show a variety of effects, such as embossing, fog surface, chaos or silk surface, we can do their own matching according to style preferences. Although stainless steel is a more durable material choice, it is less resistant to scratching, and it is easy to develop and leave obvious scratches after long-term use.

No matter what kind of kitchen countertop, there are advantages and disadvantages, or according to everyone's use habits and overall style to make a choice, and the most important thing is that even how scratch-resistant, durable materials, can not withstand deliberate scratching or beating, or through correct and good use, diligent daily maintenance, to ensure the life and beauty of the table!