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What is PDF flattening? How to flatten PDF?

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  • Sep 12,2023
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Why flat PDF?

Are you also confused about the concept of flattening? Today I will take you to study what is PDF flattening, how to flatten PDF files, together to increase knowledge!

What is PDF flattening?

First of all, I still want to explain what is PDF flattening.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting I do not know whether friends have noticed, sometimes we open a PDF document, will find that the document can not be directly edited in the small box, the document all the notes and forms in the domain have become fixed content on the document page, unless we use editing tools to modify. This situation is actually PDF was flattened.

Its functional design is the development of enterprise documents to make the comments and forms in the field into a document management page object part of our teachers can be simply understood as the content of the document aspects of the lock. Usually fill out the form after the need to use PDF's flat page function, you can effectively ensure that all devices to view the document, the effect of the display of research can be consistent.

We all know that the PDF form contains a variety of fillable elements, such as check boxes, text boxes, drop-down lists and so on, these elements are allowed to change. Obviously, this fillable PDF file can be filled and edited, which leads to the possibility that the document may be tampered with in the transmission process. Therefore, after expanding the PDF document, you can lock these editable elements to ensure that their contents will not be modified.

Why flat PDF?

1. Improve document security

For example, "lock" a fillable form field. Suppose we enter our bank details on a fillable PDF form to receive payment.merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf To avoid the form falling into the wrong hands, changing the recipient's details and causing money to be lost. Therefore, you need to expand the completed PDF form to prevent such vulnerabilities. It is important to note that this feature itself does not fundamentally protect the document, but merely adds a layer of protection to the document. For specific security features, check out this previous tweet.

2. Print all visual elements

For example, a PDF will contain multiple layers, which may be blurred during printing. After the document is flattened, all visual elements are available during the printing process so that the printer can read the layers clearly.

3. Improve PDF Usability

Time is a killer, not only for you, but also for PDF documents.pdf editor free Not only do physical objects deteriorate over time, PDF documents show signs of wear and tear. Overused PDF documents eventually become substandard, causing PDF applications to crash. Flat PDF will simplify the document to a basic PDF specification, while allowing faster display of PDF.

4. Make annotations readable in all PDF readers.

Due to different PDF applications, some programs may not be able to accurately display certain types of annotations. After flattening the PDF, the annotations will be embedded to ensure that all PDF readers can read them.

Here I also have a kind of warm security tips, when flattening PDF files, it is recommended to carry out to retain their original formatting, will be flattened after the PDF file saved as a new file. This can also be ensured that enterprises in the next round of technical operations can have an editable version of the information available to us.