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Visual inspection equipment in the automotive parts inspection solutions

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  • Nov 20,2023
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Visual inspection equipment in the automotive parts inspection solutions

With the development of China's industrial economic era, vision technology inspection system equipment management gradually penetrate into the lives of each of us, vision inspection systems China is gradually familiar to many people. The industries involved mainly include hardware and electronic information products, cell phone parts, automotive fasteners, aviation fasteners, cell phone precision parts, rubber and plastic products, magnetic material products. Automotive hardware parts detection as an example, detailed sharing of machine vision inspection network equipment can be detected method application research to solve the problem program.

For automotive fastener parts,automotive consulting services machine vision inspection equipment can usually detect size defects, center, leakage of welding, classification and other appearance detection.

By identifying the image features, analyzing the image signal to determine whether the product meets the requirements, to achieve full automation of the machine vision automotive parts inspection system. If the product is not detected correctly, an error signal will be sent and the product will be shipped to the OK or NG unloading box.

How does the machine vision inspection equipment work?

1.It measures the product size and judges according to the product shape.

2. It detects defects such as obvious scratches, nicks and product quality defects. Based on the relevant pictures, it can be used to determine whether there are any defects in a company's product design. As the camera carries out the application of technology, the higher the pixel, the clearer the determination of the presence of defects in the product.

3. Detecting surface contaminants to determine if the product surface is contaminated.

4. Whether the product is cracked or leaking, you can test the integrity of the product.

Automotive vision inspection is a widely used industry in the machine vision industry. Due to the high precision requirements of automotive parts manufacturing and assembly, some small defects are difficult to recognize. At this time, the advantages of machine vision inspection system technology will be demonstrated.