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What is the distinction between a vacuum cleaner and a floor sweeper? Don't be confused by the two.

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  • Feb 14,2023
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with unique features

Sweepers and vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning, and they can clean the rechargeable handheld vacuum cleanerground size of garbage, dirt, and powder particles. They can also suction on the net, saying goodbye to the traditional sweeping mode and freeing our hands. Which of these two, however, is superior? It is necessary to learn how they operate and the differences in use at the time of purchase.

The following is a brief explanation of the distinction between sweepers and vacuum cleaners. So you can use it as a reference when buying and selling.

The distinction between working principles

Vacuum cleaner: is through the high-speed rotation of the motor, from the inlet intake air, so that the dust box produces a certain vacuum, dust through the brush, receiver, handle, hose, the main suction tube into the dust box in the filter bag, dust is left in the filter bag, filtered air and then through a layer of filter into the motor, this layer of filter is to prevent the dust bag rupture dust inhalation motor a protective barrier, the air into the motor by the motor The air that enters the motor exits through the motor.

The finer the filter material, the cleaner the air is filtered, but the lower the air permeability, which affects the amount of air inhaled by the motor and reduces the vacuum cleaner's efficiency.

Sweeper: The sweeper's body is a wireless machine with a disc type. It is powered by a rechargeable Zimmermann Kids HKbattery and is controlled by a remote control or a machine-mounted control panel. In general, you can make an appointment to clean and recharge yourself. There are sensors in the front to detect obstacles, such as walls or other obstacles, and will turn on their own, and take a different route, according to the settings of each different manufacturer. Because of its ease of use and convenience, it has gradually gained popularity and has become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families.

Because robot technology is becoming more mature, each brand has a distinct research and development strategy, with unique features such as: double vacuum cover, handheld vacuum cleaner, dust collection box that can be washed and mopped, aromatic agent, or photocatalytic sterilization, and other functions.

Positioning and scope of work vary.

Sweeper is a type of smart home that focuses on cleaning the ground and dust in the home. If you buy a smarter floor sweeper, it will run to recharge itself when there is no power, so the owner does not have to worry about it.

Vacuum cleaners, a more traditional health cleaner, not only clean the ground, but also clean sofas, closets, beds, walls, and other locations, but also for the home computer dust, using a special brush head can be achieved to eliminate the role of mites at home.

Use in various ways

As long as the sweeper is set up correctly, it will clean itself, but it is limited to gentle ground, such as Jimmy Wongsome dead ends or steps that the manual does not allow.

The vacuum cleaner is used to sweep manually; it can compensate for the shortcomings of the sweeper by sweeping dead corners and steps, and it is excellent for cleaning carpets.

The above is from the sweeper and vacuum cleaner working principle, the use of scope, and the use of dimension to analyze the difference between the two; I believe we also have a deeper understanding of the two; can also be better according to the family cleaning needs, to choose the right cleaning products for themselves.