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Plant fiber: disposable degradable tableware food packaging container

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  • Dec 06,2021
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Plant fiber: disposable degradable tableware food packaging container

The characteristics of pulp molding process play a specific biodegradable utensils role in different fields, so its industry application fields are relatively wide.

Pulp molding application area 1: Fiber plant disposable biodegradable pulp lunch box

Food safety packaging container mainly refers to the packaging material container designed mainly for tableware to contain food. The raw materials are mostly wheat straw, bagasse, bamboo, straw, reeds, cotton stalks, plant vines and other influencing plants and fibers. The pulp is molded into a setting machine and hot-pressed. The production and development process does not add other harmful biochemical research substances. The product quality can be frozen and refrigerated, can be baked and heated, is water- and oil-proof, and can be completely degradable in 45-90 days. Realize the characteristics of improving composting.

There are many types of molded paper tableware, including disposable paper lunch boxes, disposable plates, disposable dinner bowls, takeaway boxes, biodegradable knives, forks and spoons.

The production process of food containers is mostly a wet pressing process, the products are smooth, delicate and tidy, and the hygiene standards can meet the requirements of food grades.

In recent years, China’s food safety packaging design and application scope problems have become more and more widespread, not only limited to an ordinary tableware, but also gradually developed and began to learn to apply to bakery product packaging containers, such as disposable cake trays, disposable cakes Trays, straw fiber moon cake boxes, pastry boxes, tea packaging, all kinds of fresh fruit and fresh meat trays, etc.

This kind of food packaging container can effectively carry out the plant water-based ink printing or laser printing on the research surface, and assembled through different combinations to form a set of suits, which not only plays a role in environmental protection of the packaged design product, but also plays a role in social promotion of environmental protection and different from conventional The role of packaging, in actual use, paper-plastic packaging as a new cultural product can easily attract consumers' attention and favor, and it is also a marketing management method to promote the company's sales.

The molded pulp packaging container can realize the customization of the lunch box logo, which is directly printed on the mold when the mold is opened to meet the aesthetics and brand requirements of the product. Of course, cardboard belts can also be customized to enrich the product range.