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How to effectively prevent phenylketonuria in newborns? What foods are good to eat?

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  • Mar 23,2022
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How to effectively prevent phenylketonuria in newborns? What foods are good to eat?

1. Avoid marriage of close relatives

If you have already given birth to a child with phenylketonuria, pku treatment you should make a prenatal diagnosis and avoid marrying close relatives. Pregnant women with a family history of phenylketonuria should have their fetus diagnosed prenatally for phenylketonuria.

Screening for neonatal diseases

To prevent serious consequences such as intellectual disabilities in children, screening for neonatal diseases should be conducted 72 hours after birth and after six feedings.

3. Early detection and treatment

Early detection is the key to treating phenylketonuria. Because phenylalanine is an essential amino acid, the best way to treat phenylketonuria is low-phenylalanine diet therapy, so that phenylalanine intake can ensure the minimum metabolic needs of children, but also to prevent brain damage.

What to eat for Phenylketonuria in newborns

1. There are domestic and imported l- or low-phenylalanine formula powders, as well as l- or low-phenylalanine rice, noodles, pasta and biscuits for parents to choose from.

2. Breast milk is the best low-phenylalanine food; vegetables, fruits, melons, sugar and fats are free to eat;

3, dairy, beans, cereals, etc., contains a certain amount of phenylalanine, is the need to control their intake of food;

4. Meat, fish and eggs can be carefully observed under the guidance of a doctor;

Seafood, cheese, and offal contain high levels of phenylalanine and are usually not food choices.

Common foods contain high levels of l- phenylalanine and children with pah may not be able to metabolize these substances properly, so mothers should pay more attention to them in their daily diet!