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Wine tasting to look at the acceptance of the hanging glass degree

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  • Jun 09,2022
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Wine tasting to look at the acceptance of the hanging glass degree

After we shake the red wine glass, wine tasting hong kong the red wine glass is placed on the table, at this moment, we will find that the inner wall of the glass occurs a column of wine sliding into the wine, because it looks like tears, so many people habitually called it wine tears, many foreigners called wine feet or wine legs, the Chinese called hanging cup. What can we tell from the hang-up degree? In other words, how can red wine hang-ups occur? This hanging cup and the various elements of red wine are related, including the alcohol content of wine, wine sugar content, including the length of red wine storage, including the length of red wine wine Vaseline, etc. have a certain contact.

The higher the alcohol content, 5g nb the clearer the hanging value of red wine, the longer the hanging length; high sugar content, red wine tears will be more coarse, to the vulgar efficiency will be slower; the same red wine Vaseline is also a direct impact on the main elements of red wine hanging degree. There are many people say that the better the hanging glass of wine quality, in fact, these expressions are wrong.

Different kinds of red hk mtr wine hanging degree is not the same, purely to take the hanging degree to comment on the quality of red wine good and bad is not appropriate. But there is a saying is very worthy of your reference: wine must hang a glass, hang a glass is not necessarily good wine. Tasting wine is the most important process is to taste, and look at the tone, and smell the fragrance, and look at the hanging glass degree, engage in so many fancy, the conclusion of the orientation of only one that is to identify wine.