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Top mainland pairing, top ten advantages of Hong Kong identity!

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  • Aug 28,2023
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Top mainland pairing, top ten advantages of Hong Kong identity!

What are the benefits of having a Hong Kong identity?Today, visa hong kongI will tell you the 10 advantages of Hong Kong identity:

1. Entrepreneurship: Hong Kong is an international financial and trade center with no foreign exchange controls, visa agency hong kongfree currency exchange, and a superior business, entrepreneurship, and investment environment

2. Employment: Hong Kong ranks 18th in the world in terms of per capita annual income, with an annual salary of $42000, equivalent to approximately 300000 RMB, and has channels to enter world-renowned enterprises as a stepping stone for promotion;

3. Education: Holding Hong Kong social identity information allows us to fully enjoy 15 years of free local education and access a world-class international education and teaching resource. With permanent residency and Hong Kong college entrance examination student scores, we can apply to well-known overseas universities or directly enroll in 132 universities in the mainland through the "Exam Free Enrollment Work Plan", You can also choose to have your child actively participate in the Overseas Chinese Student Union Examination, apec business travel cardresulting in lower admission scores and simpler exams;

4. Medical services: Hong Kong's medical system enables all residents to enjoy high-quality medical services at low prices, almost free of charge. Admission to a public hospital only costs HKD 100 per day, and even if it is not permanent, children can receive free vaccination;

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5. Taxation: The tax system is simple, the tax rate is low, there is no double taxation, no estate tax, interest tax, capital tax, business tax, sales tax, value-added tax, gift tax, and capital value-added tax. Signed "Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements" with many countries and regions around the world, allowing products to enter the mainland with zero tariffs;

6. Buying a house: The "Sixteen Beneficial Measures for Hong Kong" have lifted restrictions on Hong Kong and Macau residents visiting the mainland to buy a house. Hong Kong residents can freely purchase houses in nine cities in the Greater Bay Area without the need for household chores, proof of study time, or other purchase restrictions. For example, in Shenzhen, non Shenzhen housing builders need to pay five years of social security to buy a house, while Hong Kong residents can purchase a house in Shenzhen without paying social security, HSBC, Citibank, and other mortgage services, with an interest rate of 2%;

7. Pension: According to the Guangdong and Fujian plans implemented by the Hong Kong government, elderly people registered in Hong Kong can enjoy the elderly living allowance issued by the Hong Kong government in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Elderly people aged 65 or above can apply for a monthly living allowance of 2675 yuan and 3585 yuan, while applicants aged 70 or above can receive an additional elderly allowance of 1385 yuan per month. That is to say, 70 year old people with registered residence registration in Hong Kong living in Guangdong and Fujian can receive=Mainland pension+HKD 2675 u002F3585 (living allowance)+HKD 1385 (old-age allowance) per month;

8. Hong Kong passports can be exempted from visa applications in 171 countries/regions. For those who love travel or business professionals, the development of Hong Kong passports can have a very simple and convenient global travel mode;

9. Hong Kong international students do not need to use a third-party "curve" to save their country and can directly apply for a US study visa. Permanent residence in Hong Kong can be applied for by overseas employment agencies in the United States to work legally in the United States;

10. Hong Kong has the largest offshore market for the Chinese yuan, with free transfer of assets and convenient circulation of funds. There are no restrictions on currency transactions and international capital flows, including the repatriation of dividends or funds by foreign investors. The Hong Kong Real Time Payment and Settlement System (RTGS) is the only system in the world that supports simultaneous operation of four currencies (Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, Euros, and Chinese yuan), capable of handling transactions exceeding HKD trillion and Chinese yuan per day.