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3D printing out of the molding process and SLAuv curing light analysis

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  • Jun 18,2022
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3D printing out of the molding process and SLAuv curing light analysis

Along with the period of reform and 3d molding innovation and process improvement, 3D forming processing technology has replaced many traditional-style production and manufacturing process, but we are not very mastered for 3D manufactured products shaping processing process, today Jinan 3D printing out I will give the guys to analyze the 3D printing out shaping processing process and SLAuv curing light technical basic principles.

3D printing out shaping processing mobile mine process has a variety of, generally based on the way shaping divided into: ① according to the laser or other light shaping technology, such as uv curing lamp shaping technology, selective laser beam calcination technology, metal powder laser ps selective melting technology, laminated solid line production technology; ② according to the spray out shaping technology, such as melting stacking production technology, three-dimensional packaging printing shaping technicality, etc.

1 uv curing lamp molding

In 1987, the United States 3DSystems mtr hk released the name uv curing lamp (stereolithographyappa-ratus, SLA) rapid molding technology, the process uses light wavelengths and thermal efficacy to make liquid composite resin condensation reaction, the liquid epoxy resin to carry out a selection of dry solid, fragrant layer molding. SLA technology is also known as three-dimensional printing, three-dimensional lithography and light modeling design, etc. It is a kind of 3D printing out of molding technology that is profoundly studied, technically most perfect and most commonly used all over the world. At this stage, the light in SLA is not a single laser, but also other new light sources, such as ultraviolet light. However, a wide variety of SLA molding raw materials are still epoxy resins that are sensitive to certain types of light [17].

1SLA molding fundamentals

The basic principle of SLA molding. With the resin material as the raw material, under the control system, the ultraviolet light carries out a point-by-point scanner on the surface layer of liquid photosensitive resin according to the cross-sectional data of each sub-level of the part, so that the epoxy resin laminate in the detected area is dry-solidified by light condensation reaction, producing a laminate of the part; after a layer of dry-solidification is completed, the operating table is lowered, and a new layer of liquid epoxy resin is applied to the originally dry-solidified epoxy resin surface layer to facilitate the development of the next layer Scanner dry solidification, the new solidified layer firmly bonded to the previous layer; so M repeatedly, until the end of all the original shape of the parts made.
uv curing lamp molding technology application trends so far, has occurred in a variety of different system software, which can be divided into two categories according to exposure orientation uv curing lamp system software and lower exposure uv curing lamp system software.