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How to add password protection to word documents to protect your files?

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  • Oct 04,2023
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In our daily work and study, we often use Word documents to save and edit important documents. In order to protect the security of these documents, we can add password protection in Word documents.word to pdf converter free download offline By setting password protection, we can prevent others from opening, viewing or modifying our documents at will. Now, let me show you how to add password protection to Word documents.

Step 1:Open the Word document.

First of all, our country needs students to open the Word document to add user password protection. This can be done either by double-clicking on the document management file, or by clicking on the "File" menu in the Word software and selecting "Open" to open the document.

Step 2: Enter Document Protection Options

In the open Word document, click the "File" option in the menu bar and select the "Document Encryption" tab.pdf split and merge download online In the "Document Encryption" tab, we can see the "Document Encryption" area, which contains a variety of document protection options.

Step 3: Select Password Protection

In the Document Encryption area, you can see the Password Encryption option. Click on this option.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files In the pop-up dialog box, we can choose two different methods of password protection: Open Access and Edit Access.

Open Permission: Documents with an open password require the correct password to view the contents of the document.

Edit permission: set the password to modify the document, you need to open the document by entering the correct password to modify the content of the document information.

Step 4: Set a password

Select the type of password you want to set, and then enter the password in the corresponding input box. Make sure your password is secure, using a complex combination of characters, numbers and symbols, and do not use passwords that are easy to guess.

Step 5: Save Settings

After setting your password, click the "Apply" button to save the settings.

Step 6: Test Password Protection

After saving the settings, close and reopen the Word document. When we open the document, the system will prompt us to enter the password. After entering the correct password, we can usually view or modify the content of the document. If we enter the wrong password, the system will not allow us to do the relevant operations.

By adding password protection to Word documents, we can effectively protect the security of the document and prevent others from opening, viewing or modifying our documents at will. This method is simple and applicable to all versions of Word software. So, hurry up to add password protection to your word document to protect your file security!