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How to increase the speed of your computer: a brief guide in 6 actions

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  • Sep 04,2023
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End program processes

What to do if your computer is stuck and running slow? Learn these 6 actions to instantly improve your computer's running speed

I believe we all have this experience, the computer used for a long time become stuck and slow how to do? The following teach you to learn these 6 operations, instantly improve the speed of the computer, take a look at it.

01. End program processes

If the memory and CPU utilization is too high, the computer will stop. Press the shortcut key [ Ctrl + Alt + Delete ] to open the task manager, and then click [ Performance ] to view the CPU and memory utilization.

Then click [ Open Resource Monitor ] at the bottom, enter it to see which application occupies high memory,investintech free online pdf to word converter and click [ End Process ] by right mouse button.

02. Clean up disk space

Computer lag is likely to be C disk space capacity, long time use will produce a large number of data to provide cache garbage. Therefore, we need students to open [this computer], right-click on the C disk select [Properties], and then by clicking [Disk Cleanup].

After a few seconds, it will automatically scan out the junk files, check all the files to be deleted, click -LOK -- RSB-ok ] button, select [Delete Files], and then wait for the deletion to complete the cleanup cup in the c disk space.

03.Delete Hibernation Files

The hibernation file is a backup file of the data saved by the system, we usually don't use it, you can delete it directly. First of all, press [Win+R] to start the run window, type "cmd" command, and then click [OK].

Then go to the admin panel and type "Powercfg-h off" in it, then press enter and reboot to free up some storage space.

04. Delete Temporary Files

When your computer is used for a long time, it will generate a lot of temporary files, which are left behind by the application programs. When your computer is running out of space, you can delete these temporary files directly. Open the Run window and enter the code "

Through our work instructions system can be carried out directly can open the "temp" folder, directly press [Ctrl + A] select all students temporary government files, and then press [Shift + Delete] permanent deletion, to release more of their own space.

05. Batch compression of files

In addition to deleting some unnecessary files, there are many larger important files, we can use software, images, videos, Word, PPT, PDF batch lossless data compression.

The method of use is very simple. Select the appropriate compression function, and then click Add Files, upload dozens or hundreds of files at a time, and choose to clear the priority, so that the compressed files can retain the image quality.

06. Clean up program logs

Open the Event Viewer panel, you can see our daily use of computer applications left behind the "program log", these can be directly cleared, will not affect the normal use of the application.