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Baseus PD 20W fast charge charger

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With the launch of the new generation of iPhone12, many friends around me have also changed to new phones. The new iPhone12 has a color temperature cast, right-angle edge cutting, etc., which have also become topics that the group talks about. The change to the charger is not sent. Although Apple uses environmental protection as an excuse, the price has not been reduced too much. The high price of the original charger makes all fruit fans have to pay an extra cost. Fortunately, a variety of more cost-effective compatible charging The charger is also a good choice, and the attention is naturally increasing. The data curve of the discussion and evaluation of various chargers in the technical group is very professional. This 20W fast charge charger from Baseus is the one that everyone discusses more. Also recommended by many people.

Baseus PD 20W fast charge charger

The experience of using the iPhone 12 is still good. The performance improvement brought by the A14 chip is very obvious. The return to the classic right-angle edge also makes the fruit fans feel a touch of feelings. The standby battery life is also good in the case of a single card, but dual cards and using 5G In this case, the power consumption is still relatively large. If you are a heavy mobile phone user or game player, then choose a charger that supports fast charging. It is very necessary to go out. iPhone12 supports 20W PD fast charging, although it is not as good as the Android camp The power of 65W or even 100W at every turn, but compared to the previous 5V1A ancestral charger is still a lot faster. Looking at the iPhone product line, only the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have included 18W fast charging heads, but the iPhone 12 generation simply canceled it. I believe many friends need a 20W fast charging compatible charger.


Baseus 20W super silicon fast charging head, the price of 49 yuan is much more cost-effective than the original charging head price of 149 yuan, the packaging is very small, the upper left corner is the iconic Baseus Logo, adhering to the Baseus Always classic design, the word "Superi Si" in the lower right corner signifies that it uses super silicon technology, which is known as the world's first mass-produced Super Si super silicon fast charge charger. Super silicon is a new type of silicon-based material with great advantages in density, thermal conductivity, and efficiency conversion. The charger can achieve smaller size, faster charging, and still safe and stable running under high temperature conditions.


The back of the package is the main data display of the product, which is the consistent design style of Baseus.

On the side are the four major features of this charger, "20W PD fast charging", "multi-protocol compatibility", "intelligent identification chip", and "automatic load monitoring".

Product size 41*34*28mm, weight 40g, light and small.


There is a warranty card and instructions in the package.

20W Super Si is also printed on the charger. The super silicon technology makes this 20W fast charger of Baseus have a mini size and high cost performance. The body shell of the charger is made of PC flame-retardant material black shell, the surface is matte, and the outside of the charger It is also wrapped with a layer of plastic protective film to prevent the shell from being scratched quickly. The small and long volume also allows it to make room for numerous plug devices, avoiding multiple devices from being unable to connect to the patch panel.

Single Type-C port conforms to the modern trend. It can be seen that there is a silver metal ring on the interface. It is made of zinc alloy material and CNC chamfering process. It is very delicate, has a certain effect on the protection of the interface, and is more beautiful.

This charger supports Apple 2.4A, QC2.0/3.0, AFC, FCP, PD3.0 and PPS protocols, with 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 12V1.67A, 15V1.33A, 20V1A, 3.3-5.9V3A and 3.3- 11V2.2A voltage range, the overall compatibility is very good. It is compatible with many iPhone models that no longer have standard chargers. It is not only a perfect partner for the newly launched iPhone12, but also supports since iPhone8. Fast charging models can be used for fast charging. In addition to the iPhone, other mobile phones can also be charged in fast charging mode, which can be used for multiple purposes.

The PD wire adopts a woven design, which is durable and resistant to pulling. The joint part is wrapped with a plastic protective film, and the overall texture is also very good.

The cable joint part also has the English Logo of Baseus.

It looks more textured than the original Apple cable and charger.

After getting the charging head, I want to immediately test its performance and heating performance, whether it can achieve stable, high-efficiency and low temperature as advertised. However, there are only two iPhone11 models on hand. Fortunately, they also support 20W fast charging. Let's try it out.

In order to better test the performance of fast charging, I also specially purchased the USB fast charging tester of Power Z, which can see its charging power and heating performance more clearly and intuitively.

When the battery of the mobile phone is low, the iPhone turns on the full-speed fast charging mode, and the charging head can reach a power of about 19.3W, reaching the nominal power.

When the battery is almost full, the voltage and current drop to 5V, about 1.5A, and enter the trickle charge, which helps protect the battery.

I also specially carried out a screenshot test. It took one hour to charge the battery from 38% to 91%, 53% of the charge, and it took about 1.5 hours to fully charge.


I did not do a detailed test. I looked at the professional test data on the Internet, and it was consistent with my actual feelings. In terms of fever, since the weather is cold now, the actual body feel is not too hot, and I believe there is no problem in hot weather. Thanks to the use of super silicon technology, it integrates 4-6 common chips used in traditional chargers into two main control chips. The integration level is industry-leading. This is the first time this excellent technology has been applied to fast Charge the charger. In addition to compatibility with multiple protocols and 20W charging power, it is also available in black, white, and navy blue. It is suitable for mobile phones with multiple colors, whether it is matched with the new iPhone 12 or provides fast charging for the iPhone that previously supported fast charging. It is a good choice.

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