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PCB Laser Engraving Machine for Processing Circuit Boards

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  • Oct 19,2023
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PCB laser engraving machine, also known as PCB laser marking machine, is a device used to process circuit boards. Circuit boards are an essential component in many electronic products. It is often necessary to print various codes,laserpecker 2 laser engraver graphic markings, parameters, 2D codes and other graphic markings on circuit boards. Traditional screen printing has many disadvantages. In order to achieve quality control in the PCB production process, with the rapid development of electronics manufacturing technology, the tracking of characters, barcodes, QR codes and other information etched on the PCB has become a trend in the industry. Portable electronic products are increasingly towards miniaturization, high integration and portable direction. In addition, with the development of packaging technology, the liner and pitch are getting smaller and smaller, making printing alignment more and more difficult. PCB laser engraving machine with its precision and flexibility to achieve the precise marking of the circuit board, to overcome the screen printing easy to fall off, low processing accuracy of the technical defects, and will play an important role in the PCB industry.

There are two main ways to process logos on PCBs: screen printing and laser marking.

In the traditional screen printing process,laser pecker 4 using the production of graphic screens, external pressure is used to make the character ink through the screen part of the grid and leakage printing on the surface of the circuit board. The rest of the screen will be clogged and unable to pass ink. Only a blank will form on the surface of the circuit board. The missing ink will form words, symbols, patterns, etc. This processing method is relatively cheap and fast, but there are some disadvantages, such as rough marking effect, easy to fall off the logo, can not mark the small format PCB board, and the chemical raw materials have a certain degree of toxicity.

Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser local irradiation PCB,laser pecker pro so that the surface material evaporation or discoloration, leaving a permanent mark. This non-contact process allows very clear 2D codes to be marked in a very small format to ensure high accuracy and quality. At the same time, laser marking does not wear out due to high and low temperatures, acid and alkali changes and external friction, and does not require the help of chemicals, with no negative impact on personnel safety or the environment.

In the application of PCB board laser marking and engraving, UV laser marking and CO2 laser marking are the most commonly used.UV laser marking and CO2 laser marking have become the preferred technology for PCB surface marking due to their low thermal shock and good processing effect, featuring high precision and high speed.

PCB laser engraving machine has the following characteristics: mainly used for PCB circuit board material marking and engraving; can be seamlessly connected to the SMT assembly line, support MES system online data transmission and information return; using high-performance imported CO2 fiber green UV laser, marking quality, processing speed, production capacity; the use of high-precision CCD to achieve automatic positioning, code reading and rating; processing width span, adaptability; selection of high-quality accessories, reliable quality, abnormal automatic alarm, pause operation; compatible with online and offline processing methods, built-in flip-flop function to achieve double-sided marking.