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Can you really tell the difference between a new energy car or a smart car?

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  • Aug 30,2021
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A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission released the "automotive industry investment management approach (draft for comment)". This draft shows that the state supports social capital and strong technical strength of enterprises to invest in new energy vehicles, intelligent vehicles, energy-saving vehicles and key components of research and development and industrialization.

At the same time, it encourages enterprises to improve industrial concentration through equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, strategic cooperation, joint product development smart module, joint production organization, and support for mixed ownership reform between state-owned automotive enterprises and private automotive enterprises to form world-class automotive enterprise groups.

The Annex of the draft opinion, such as new energy vehicles, intelligent cars and other terms are clearly explained to see if there is a discrepancy with the official unified definition of your imagination.

New type of car

That is, cars that use a new type of electrical system to rely entirely or mainly on electricity for power. Its main products are pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles.

Smart car

That is, the use of advanced sensors, controllers, actuators and other equipment, the use of information and communication, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to achieve partial or full automatic driving functions, and gradually become a new generation of intelligent mobile space vehicles. Smart cars are usually also called smart networked cars, self-driving cars, driverless cars, etc.

Pure electric vehicle

That is, the car is entirely driven by an electric motor, and the electricity driven by the motor comes from an on-board rechargeable battery system or other energy storage devices.

Standard hybrid vehicle

That is, the car has both an engine drive system and an electric motor drive system. The engine drives the generator to charge the on-board power battery, which cannot be charged externally.

Plug-in hybrid vehicle

It is a hybrid vehicle that has a certain range of pure electric drive and can be charged externally.

Incremental pure electric vehicle

A pure electric vehicle that has a certain pure electric driving range and can extend its driving range by supplementing electricity through an on-board power generation system as needed.

Fuel Cell Vehicle

Electric vehicles that use a fuel cell as a single source of electrical energy or a fuel cell system and a charging storage system as a hybrid source of electrical energy.

Energy-efficient vehicles

That is, a car with an internal combustion engine as the main power system and whose combined operating conditions consume better fuel than the next stage.

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