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Google SEO optimization when how to choose the right keywords

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  • May 17,2023
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Google SEO optimization when how to choose the right keywords

After continuous improvement and development, now the google more and more mature, want to do a good google SEO optimization, it is necessary to follow the optimization guidelines. When it comes to search engine optimization, it can be broadly divided into two types of optimization: onsite optimization and offsite optimization. The main goal is to achieve a website that is more in line with the rules of search engines, so as to obtain a recognized natural ranking. Google SEO optimization, the choice of keywords often makes customers headache, do not know how to choose the right.

Does google SEO optimization have value

With all the social media flooding the market, does Google optimization still have value? Many businesses in Hong Kong may still think so. In fact, the app recommends content based on user search history, and customers are in a more passive state from the beginning to the end, even if the website gets traffic, the quality is naturally not guaranteed. However, Google SEO optimization is completely different, by attracting customers to come to the door, and you only need to follow the rules of google SEO, the best product and brand ranking can be.

How to choose keywords for google SEO

In google SEO, the choice of keywords is particularly important, first of all, you need to identify the keywords of the current products of the site, but only rely on these keywords is far from enough, you also need to find the key words of the extensions. In fact, Google Optimization itself can provide Google Adwords tool, specifically recommended the appropriate keyword extensions, the above will show the average monthly search volume, bringing more valuable reference information. Of course, if you want to google SEO to do better, the use of different tools to find competitors to do the same important keywords.

Google SEO keywords more the better?

In fact, the number of google SEO keywords is not the more the better, the number depends on whether the current page of the customer war is sufficient, whether each keyword has a corresponding page, it is recommended that each page has 1 to 3 keywords. When choosing keywords, do not select a bunch of keywords for the product only to find that the website page is not enough. In short, keyword optimization is an important part of SEO and should be chosen carefully beforehand.