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Learn these 5 tips to pay securely online with a credit card

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  • Mar 04,2022
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global gateway credit card processing

Now that my country's credit card online shopping global gateway credit card processing consumption has become a development trend, we are reminded to be more careful when paying through online banking, and pay attention to keeping records of online information consumption for future inquiry. As soon as any unexplained expenses are discovered, the customer service hotline should be called immediately. In order to reduce the risk factor of credit card online electronic payment, the following mainly introduces several tricks to prevent credit card online transactions from being stolen.

Tip 1

If you are shopping online from overseas, you should turn on the online transaction switch in advance before conducting online transactions. After the overseas transaction is completed, it should be closed in time to avoid subsequent risky transactions.

Tip 2

If you consume abroad, you should also open the relevant authentication service through a secure channel. If you are an ICBC visa holder, you can apply for visa verification. If you are an ICBC Mastercard holder, you can apply for the Mastercard Security Authentication Code Service.

Tip 3

When analyzing online consumption in domestic enterprises, try to use personal USB shields or electronic password cards for market transactions; do not use unknown links or bank management websites provided by email systems; , be wary of emails or bank websites that ask for your bank card number and password.

Tip 4

Do not conduct online transactions in Internet cafes and other public Internet places to avoid card numbers, passwords and other information being stolen by others.

Tip 5: Choose a reputable website with a long operating time for online payment by bank card to prevent illegal online merchants from stealing personal information such as card numbers.


Be careful with online credit card payments. Nowadays, many online transactions do not need to open the bank, and only need some personal information to pay, so more attention should be paid to the security of the card, and personal information must be kept confidential to avoid unnecessary losses to yourself.



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What is credit card gateway processing?

A connection point in the payment journey is a credit card processing gateway. Your shopping cart, POS, or virtual terminal links to the following stage of the payment authorization procedure via a gateway.

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