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Rapid prototyping technology and its use in the mould production industry

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  • Jun 19,2022
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Rapid prototyping technology and its use in the mould production industry

The rapid trends in the global prototype manufacturing economy have led to increased competition in the process manufacturing industry, and companies continue to explore and develop products in order to maintain their appeal and to constantly improve the quality of their products and the characteristics of their advanced equipment. In the future, entrepreneurs will be looking to outpace their competitors and reduce the cost of new product development as a key overall goal. As a result, the business community has attached great importance to rapid prototyping technology in the 1980s and it has become a popular subject of research in universities and research institutes around the world. However, because of the limited use of raw materials, rapid prototyping has not been able to completely replace the final product. After a new product has been put on the market for a trial run, its software performance is tested and feedback from customers is obtained at the level of precise information content, and the product is also made from specific raw materials. Therefore, RP prototypes are also used to produce moulds for master moulds, which results in Rapid Tooling Technology (RT) based on RP.
Based on research and 10 years of real-life use, this technology has shown great vitality and has now become an internet hotspot in the field of mould production. This article focuses on the details of the Rapid Prototyping technology. Rapid Prototyping (commonly known as RPM) is a new production technology that integrates sophisticated machinery, design aids, CNC machining technology, laser equipment, electronic information technology and management science in a cross-disciplinary industry. Generally speaking, Rapid Prototyping technology starts with the application of 3D CAD data and then, according to the Rapid Prototyping machine, is made into a prototype.

The mechanism of rapid prototyping hashing24 cloud mining technology is the basic principle of discrete variable/deposition forming, in which the three-dimensional shape is dissolved in one to three directions during the whole process of discrete variable, producing each cut-off line, cut-off point and cross-section of the shape, called discrete variable line, discrete point and discrete variable surface, transforming this discrete variable body (point, line and surface) into a solid line and depositing them in the previous order into a three-dimensional shape. The solid line look.

Rapid prototyping technology is hong kong loan characterised by the acquisition of pathways, disciplines and discrete variable chemical substances accumulated in the raw material "accumulation" together, the manipulation of CNC machine tools to produce a three-dimensional solid line of continuous layer, to complete the intelligent forming, forming the whole process as shown in Figure 1 below. 3D CAD solid model along the Z-direction discrete variables, the formation of a series of two-dimensional level of data information, followed by the data information in a hierarchical solution, plus the production and processing of the main parameters, so that it forms the original code, according to the production and processing plan outside the processing project to solve each layer of CNC machine tools and make it deposited, bonded into shape, resulting in a three-dimensional solid line.

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