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Can you do Word page numbers? Really too simple

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  • Sep 18,2023
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add page numbers

For a long time, the issue of page number setting, has been a concern for many partners, this time to share with you about the skills of page number setting.

1, add page numbers

Click [Insert] - [Header Footer] - [Page Number], select an insertion method, such as the top of the page to insert the page number, so that you can insert a continuous page number.

2, change the page number format

If you are not satisfied with the added page number style, you can double-click the header, select the page number, right-click to select the set page number format, and then select the number format in the open screen.

If you want to change the starting position of the work of the page number, in the same way you can open the page number information format,online pdf conversion free in the page number to check the box [starting page number] and enter as well as the corresponding page number.

3, set the page number on the right side of the document

Enter the editorial state of the header and footer, and then insert a text box in the middle of the right side of the document, and then click [Insert] - [Header and Footer] - [Page], insert the page number in the current location.

4, the page number from the second page

You can insert a section break at the end of the first page, click Layout - Section Break - Section Break (next page) ,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online position the cursor on the header of the second page, click Design, and then cancel the [link to the previous section] , and finally, insert the page number on the second page, and set the starting page number to 1.

5, the same document has a different page number format

The same is the insertion of separators, after which we need to insert different page number format according to the business can be, the specific practical methods are as follows:

6, set the parity page

cursor positioned in the header, double-click the header to enter the editing state, and then select the header and footer - Options - check the check box in the odd and even pages, and then add page numbers.

7, a page to set up two page numbers

First of all, a document information for the adoption of sub-columns, click on the beginning of the layout - page can be set up - columns - two columns. After we borrow Ctrl + F9 to insert the domain, the left column for the { = {page} * 2-1}, the right column for the { = {page} * 2}, and finally by selecting the contents of the data press Shift + F9 to update the domain can be.

8, Word page numbers are always missing

When dealing with page numbers, have you ever encountered a page number display incomplete,convert word to pdf without losing formatting the last word only half of the display, as follows.

Encountered this development, how to proceed?

Generally speaking, the main reason for doing so is to insert a text box or other graphics after the page number, so to solve this problem, you can first double-click to enter the footer of the editing state, to find the corresponding object, just delete or resize it.

9, the page number can not be left-aligned

set the page number, found that no matter how to set up, the location of the page number can not be left-aligned, as shown below.

How to deal with this situation? In fact, the reason for this is the first line indented, cancel the indentation on the line.

Here are two ways to cancel:

First, use the slider on the ruler, select the first line indent slider, and then move the corresponding position to the left.

The second, select a text teaching content, click on the student to start - paragraph - indentation - special -None.

10, catalog page numbers are not aligned

When this happens, usually a tab stop, then how to align the page number?

Method 1:Borrow tabs.

Select the unaligned content, and then find the tab on the ruler and pull it to the appropriate position. Tip: You can fine-tune it by borrowing the Alt key!

PS: Of course, you can also click Start - Paragraph - Tabs to clear the previous tabs and reset them. For example, the character position set here is 40, and then click OK.

The second method: modify the information catalog data format

Click the "reference directory" custom directory, in the open interface, select "General Format", click "OK".

11, cancel the catalog page number

For work, do not bring the page number in the catalog. What should I do at this time?

Just two steps can be completed:

Step 1: Insert a directory, click the reference directory drop-down selection custom directory.

Step 2: Change the directory format, enter the directory dialog box, and then cancel the display of page numbers in front of the check mark, and then click OK.