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What are the features and benefits of embedded microcontrollers

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embedded module

The core of the embedded system is the embedded processor. Microcontrollerembedded module is a kind of microcontroller in embedded processor, also known as microcontroller, is an integrated circuit chip.

Microcontroller has the following three characteristics:

Microcontroller is a product of the rapid development of integrated circuit technology and microcomputer technology. Small size, low price, easy to use, stable and reliable, therefore, has brought a major revolution and technological progress to the field of industrial automation.

Due to its small size, it is easy to embed into the system to realize various ways of detection, calculation or control, which cannot be done by ordinary microcomputers.

Since MCU itself is a microcomputer, as long as some necessary peripheral extension circuits are properly added outside MCU, various application systems can be flexibly constructed, such as industrial automatic detection and monitoring system, data acquisition system, automatic control system, intelligent instrumentation, etc.

Embedded MCU is widely used because it has the following advantages.

Simple and convenient, easy to promote. Microcontroller technology is easy to master. Application systems are easy to design, assemble and debug, and engineers and technicians can quickly master the application design technology through learning.

Whether the function is complete, the application provides reliable, strong anti-interference ability. 3.

Rapid development and broad prospects. In just a few decades, the single-chip computer has experienced several stages of development such as 4-bit computers, 8-bit computers, 16-bit computers and 32-bit computers. Highly integrated, functional single-chip phase continues to emerge, making the embedded microcontroller in the field of industrial control and industrial automation has been a huge development and widely used. At present, the internal structure of single-chip computers is becoming more and more perfect, and the functional components inside and outside the chip are also becoming more and more perfect.

Embedded micro control system has the advantages of easy embedding, wide application, small size, high cost performance, and flexible application.

Before the emergence of the microcontroller, a measurement and control system was made, complete with a large number of analog circuits, digital circuits and discrete components to achieve the functions of calculation, judgment and control. The system was bulky, with complex circuits, many connection points, and prone to failure.

After the introduction of the microcontroller, the vast majority of measurement and control system functions can be realized by the microcontroller application software design program, and other corporate electronic circuits are replaced by peripheral functional components within the chip.

With the full launch of 5G, the whole society is moving towards the direction of "Internet of Everything". IoT technology will also usher in an unprecedented historical opportunity. Embedded microcontroller technology is an important part of IoT technology, and will enter the fast track of development.

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