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You can be good at explaining too! Training list to train "logical thinking ability"

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  • Corrine
  • Oct 30,2020
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You can be good at explaining too! Training list to train "logical thinking ability"

Train your logical thinking and broaden your horizons

Logical thinking is also called "logical thinking". A way of thinking that makes sense based on things and derives results rationally. When you hear that, you think it's a little difficult. However, in fact, anyone who knows how to train can easily train their logical thinking ability.

This time, I will introduce the merits of acquiring logical thinking ability and how to train it.

What are the benefits of acquiring logical thinking?

Can speak logically

You can literally acquire the ability to think logically, so you can speak logically. Not only when you speak, but also when you explain in sentences such as emails and letters, you can explain in a logical manner. People around you will no longer think, "That person has a long story."

More persuasive

If you can speak and explain logically, you can convince the listener that "I can trust what this person says!". Not only at work, but also in private, it can be regarded as a reliable existence.

The inside of my head is organized and I can respond calmly

Is your head cluttered? When something goes wrong or a problem arises, you often say, "I don't know what to think about or what to solve."

However, by thinking logically, you can unravel the complicated intertwining one by one. You will be able to calmly deal with any problems or irregularities.

Acquire determination

You can smoothly judge what you need and don't need, and you will acquire judgment. Indecision is a nuisance, and you don't waste your time lazily. You can think about things simply and make a quick decision when it's time for you.

Can be prioritized

Are you always on the verge of deadlines at work and spending your days busy with time in your private life? Thinking things logically keeps your mind organized. You will naturally develop the habit of prioritizing and acting on what is most important.

Training list to improve your logical thinking

Clarify "conclusion" and "rationale"

When you think about things or talk to someone, do you really think about what the "rationale" and "conclusion" are? If your mind isn't organized, you'll be confused about what's the "conclusion" and what's the "rationale."

If the conclusion is supported only by expectations or delusions, it will become an "unfounded story" and lose its persuasive power. Now that you have reached the "conclusion", there must be a specific reason. Always think of "conclusion" and "rationale" as a set.

Think multiple grounds

It is important to think about multiple "grounds", not just one. The work of thinking about multiple grounds, such as "not ah" or "not like this," is training to hone your logical thinking ability.

The story begins with the conclusion

When talking, let's start with the conclusion. In particular, it is a must to state the "conclusion" first when explaining something. For example, papers and news articles are written first from the conclusion, right?

In the same way, if you tell the story like "The conclusion is ... because ...", it will be easy for the other party to understand. Above all, you can clearly organize what you want to convey to the other person in your head.

Explain using specific words

Try to use specific words rather than ambiguous expressions such as "about", "maybe", or "I think". For example, saying "I think it was very small" and "It was about two apples" can make a big difference in persuasiveness.

I wonder "why" it happened

Always ask "why" when reading news or listening to people. "Why" did you come to that conclusion, "why" did the other person think so ... By always thinking "why", you will search for the basis of the conclusion of the story and always think of "rationale + conclusion" as a set.

Would you like to practice it little by little from today?

By acquiring the ability to think logically, you will not only be more confident in yourself, but you will also be able to communicate happily with the other person. There are only things you can do in your daily life, so I hope you find it helpful ♪