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What are the ways to prevent phenylketonuria?

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  • Mar 30,2022
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What are the ways to prevent phenylketonuria?

Although phenylketonuria mainly occurs in children, prevention of these diseases should start from marital pregnancy, such as avoiding consanguineous marriages, for pregnant women with family history, under the guidance of doctors, DNA analysis, early fetal analysis, active screening Check newborns, early detection and early treatment, general early diagnosis, active treatment, prevention and treatment of phenylketonuria are better.

Phenylketonuria is a chromosomal genetic disorder that typically presents with growth retardation, dry skin, eczema, hyperactivity and abnormal behavior. Once phenylketonuria occurs, it will have a great impact on itself. If left untreated, mental retardation and complications may occur. So, what are the ways to prevent phenylketonuria?

Prevent phenylketonuria by:

1. During childbearing age, actively do pre-pregnancy examinations and genetic counseling, avoid consanguineous marriages, and actively screen newborns. Pregnant women have a family history. During pregnancy, under the guidance of a doctor, active analysis of DNA, early diagnosis of the fetus, early detection and treatment as soon as possible, the effect will be better.

2. In addition to the active prevention of phenylketonuria, dietary treatment should also be actively carried out, the intake of phenylalanine food should be controlled as much as possible, and a low-protein diet such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and starch should be eaten. Phenylalanine foods are the principle what is pku.

3. Diet therapy is best maintained at least until puberty, and if it is persisted for a long time, the effect will be better. If the effect of diet therapy is not obvious, you should also actively cooperate with the doctor for symptomatic drug treatment, specific usage and dosage, and follow the doctor's advice. The younger the treatment age, the better the effect.

4. To prevent phenylketonuria, adhere to outdoor sports in daily life, maintain a comfortable mood, develop good eating habits, and regularly follow the doctor's advice.

In addition to consanguineous marriages, and actively cooperating with doctors to do various examinations and preventions, one should also pay attention to a diverse diet, not picky eaters, not overeating, and avoiding malnutrition, such as lean meat, eggs, beans and other protein-rich foods, try to eat as much as possible. Eat less or not.