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What exactly is a head mite? Can it cause baldness or ghost shaving?

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  • Feb 14,2023
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What exactly is a head mite? Can it cause baldness or ghost shaving?

If you feel thinning hair, more dandruff, and accompanied by itchy scalp, you should be alert to the possibility of head mites. Since the symptoms of hair loss are often misjudged as baldness or ghost shaving, the above mentioned hair loss conditions are not the same and there is a clear difference between the two. The following will explain clearly for you, so as not to affect the treatment of patients.

What exactly is a head mite?

As a kind of parasite on the scalp, head mites cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, they only take oil as food and will secrete lipase on top of the sebaceous glands, causing the scalp to be further decomposed and eroded, and when the hair follicles are blocked, more oil will be produced for the head mites to eat. As the number of parasites continues to increase, the health of hair follicles and hair is seriously threatened and the problem of hair loss then occurs. However, there is a clear difference between this kind of hair loss and baldness or ghost shaving.

Can head mites cause baldness or ghost shaving?

As head mites multiply on the scalp, the health of the scalp will be damaged and not only the hair will become more and more oily, but also more and more hair will be lost. However, hair loss caused by this parasite is different from ghost shaving, because the symptoms of the latter are mainly concentrated in certain locations, and the shape of the hair loss area is like a coin, and the appearance is very similar, while the area of baldness or ghost shaving hair loss is relatively concentrated in a certain area. Therefore, it is not difficult to distinguish the two situations, and there are many causes of hair loss, which may be mental factors, life pressure may also lead to hair loss, as well as autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases and so on.

How to solve the head mite problem

Head mites grow on the scalp quite stubbornly and cannot be completely eliminated by relying on shampoo. Considering its greasy and dark environment after washing, it is only necessary to dry the scalp and properly expose to the sun to enhance the resistance of the scalp to effectively eliminate head mites. As for baldness ghost shaving, a balanced diet and adequate sleep are the ways to prevent it.