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Only love and food can not be disappointed, let’s travel with food!

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  • JessicaJessee
  • Aug 18,2020
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Only love and food can not be disappointed, let’s travel with food!

Because a food falls in love with a city, food travelers tend to choose shopping malls, food courts, Internet celebrity shops, and famous local delicacies on the street, from "A Bite of China", "Breakfast China", "Sushi" The broadcast of food documentaries such as "God of God", "Food for One", and "Small Seafood" recorded local traditional food customs and detailed the authentic flavors of various regions. Netizens who have watched the food documentaries have expressed that they use an authentic food Check the taste of hometown.

"Eating, housing, traveling, traveling, shopping, and entertainment" are the six elements that make up traditional tourism. The extension from "eating" to "touring" has also become a matter of course, and tourist attractions in various places have also increased their special experience and details of tourism and catering. Sub-fields. Every city has a food street, and this street condenses local special flavors and special products, as a genuine "foodie", how can it not be attracted.

Food travellers are exploring the different cultures of food, and at the same time, they unconsciously smooth out the regional differences of food culture. How food tourism adapts to the market while maintaining its characteristics, and how to find a balance point, tourism culture plays a leading role in it.

01Food + Culture

The combination of local culture and gourmet experience. "One side of water and soil raises one side", this ancient Chinese saying is a good illustration of the relationship between food and culture, and food and culture should go hand in hand. Taking food as an incision, combining tourist destination attractions, historical culture and agricultural products, allowing tourists to eat with a sense of ceremony, culture, and interaction, creating situational tourism, and fully enabling tourists to obtain "food attracts the senses and cultural shock The in-depth gourmet experience of "mind" will make "food" revitalize in the travel experience.

02Food + Health

The combination of agricultural products or food ingredients and health culture. The essence of Chinese food culture lies in the goal of maintaining health and fitness through food. Adjusting the relationship between the body and the relationship between physiology and psychology to achieve the purpose of eating and fitness is the advantage of food tourism: "diet therapy, food nutrition" The organic combination of internal regulation and health tourism promotes the realization of gourmet tourism destinations.

03Food + Beautiful View

The combination of ecological landscape and green food. Gourmet tourism products are set up in areas where there is zero-distance contact with nature, such as world natural heritage sites, ecological leisure farms, summer forest parks, hot spring valleys, etc. Tourists enjoy food in the natural ecological landscape environment and get double depth of "beauty + food" Experience.

04Food + Economy

The combination of urban prosperity and flavor food experience. The city has become an important gathering place for high-quality gourmet tourism resources by virtue of its high level of economic development and high popularity. The well-known travel information website "Trip Advisor" has selected the world's top ten best food tourism destinations for two consecutive years. In 2019, Xi'an won the laurels. Xi'an's specialty foods such as "Roasted Bun, Rolled Noodles, and Bowl of Wine" Conquered the stomachs of many tourists with its unique charm.

05Food + Festival

The combination of festival activities and special food experience. Using food festivals as marketing tools, focus on displaying local food products, adding colorful beauty, wine, music, culture and other diverse creative elements, and using food culture festivals to gather popularity, promote sales, create brands and other marketing effects in a short time to promote food Tourism market development.

Food tourism is the interaction between food as a medium and tourist destinations. It is a cultural experience that highlights food culture symbols such as eating rituals, beliefs, and symbols, whether it is at the product level, service level, brand, and space level. It needs to be fully integrated into cultural characteristics, and through tourists' performance, exploration, participation in interaction and creation of experience space, to give tourists a fresh and interactive new gourmet experience. Based on the original food ecology itself, respecting farming traditions and value realization, precipitating the original juice culture contained in it, and guiding it with correct policies will drive a qualitative leap in food tourism.