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Say a few words from your heart, do not blow not black, is not our student experience, this I have experience.

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  • Sep 12,2023
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Say a few words from your heart, do not blow not black, is not our student experience, this I have experience.

Say a few words from your heart,40 under 40 award do not blow not black, is not our student experience, this I have experience.

Due to the influence of community activities, I have a very, very broad tolerance for bar spirit and sand sculpture, ha ha, is it also trained?

So some words will not be too detailed, Gen. T Listeveryone have fun; And please don't sit in the right place.

A word of advice for those who are interested in undergraduate studies at polytechnics

First of all, the best situation is that you can have a good plan for your future when you apply and choose a major that suits you. This is actually very difficult. Design talent awardPersonally, I was confused when I first chose my major, and I chose my current major wrong. It's not easy for high school students to know what they like and what they want.

So how do we prepare for students who are confused? Before the college entrance examination, they are busy with the college entrance examination, and surely they do not have a large chunk of time to think about this matter. So after the Chinese college entrance examination has ended, we should immediately start to develop the problem of thinking ability. The logical structure of dealing with technical problems is simple: do a project with the title "What different majors should I choose to pursue?" There will be countless projects to do at the beginning of college life, but I think this one is the most important. The object of research and analysis is nothing more than "myself" and "various management professions." Make a list, from the content of the profession, to the direction of education, the direction of the job market, to make a clear list of their own life is responsible. Friends with intermediaries do not be lazy, this social problem is mainly to understand themselves.

The second is to see if PolyU is right for you. People come to school not to learn, but to learn what they want to learn in school. Combined with the results of the previous analysis, let's look at the courses offered by polyu. See if the courses fit your plan and analysis. Related content can be found on this website: Full-time undergraduate courses for Mainland college Entrance Examination freshmen.

The main focus can be whether the ranking, employment or admission of the major meets your expectations, and the degree of recognition of the major. Polyu also has some "relatively poor" majors, and this is certainly within the scope of investigation. How do you investigate? It's a good idea to look at the major rankings. It is also a way to ask the senior students who are studying. Using an intermediary to hire an intermediary consultant is also an option. There are always more solutions than problems.

Of course, because of the special situation of Hong Kong, whether you like the city or not and whether there are other concerns and concerns is also an issue to consider. This could be a plus or a minus. Love a city, and a good reason to study. Everyone's values are different, and no one is responsible for your decisions, everyone is responsible for themselves.

Finally, the application process and materials must be clear. A duck to the mouth will never fly away.

I wish all students can have a satisfactory result of their own work, foot in the human body, the road is still to go on their own.

A little advice for incoming undergraduates

As a college examinee, after carefully deciding to manage the next four years of college life and paying the booking fee, the focus of thinking should be how to live the next four years of life. Now, we are faced with a school that is about to spend four years of its youth, a major we may not even understand. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to think about?

Due to limited personal ability, limited energy, limited knowledge, can only put forward some personal views, but also hope to be corrected.