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How do you describe something's importance?

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How do you describe something's importance?

Thesaurus words to utilize when expressing importance
fundamentally. adverb. Adverbially, it is vital. essentially. adverb....first. adverb.... essentially. adverb.... the truth (of the situation) is the phrase... term. initially and foremost. after all is said and done. phrase.
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How do you politely request someone's time?

How To Check Availability With A Person
Expressions. Examples. Do you...? Do you have tomorrow off? ...
At this moment, are you available and free? ...
Please give me a moment. a moment? ...
Have you got the time? a moment? ...
Is it appropriate to talk now? ...
Could I please have a word with you? ...
Please tell me. when you are liberated. Is this time in your schedule currently available?
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How does Grade 6 debate work?

Rules for Debate
Prepare logical arguments by doing research on the subject. assemble evidence and instances to support the position taken.
Prepare rebuttals for potential objections.
Members of the team decide how and what to say when debating.
One person at a time talks.
Bring some quick notes, but refrain from reading them.
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What is the space directly beneath the roof?

Answers to the crossword clue "ROOM UNDER A ROOF" Clue Response A ROOM UNDER A ROOF (5) ATTIC

Is the phrase paramount importance accurate?

A priority over all others is anything that is vital or of paramount importance. The welfare of the child must come first. The existence of life on earth depends largely on nitrogen.

What else could I use in place of hot topic?

What is the opposite of hot topic? Talking point of conversation, headline subject of dispute, conversational topic, major fuss, large issue, big question, controversial matter, etc.

What words serve as triggers?

Trigger words and phrases are those that, as a result of prior experiences, make the listener feel powerful emotions. The expression is used in a variety of contexts, but in this instance we're using it to describe words or phrases that bring up unpleasant memories or strong emotions.

What makes you think I'll handle it professionally?

Thesaurus definitions for "ways to say that you are eager to do anything" Yes is an adverb that is used to indicate agreement.
quite well. trouble at all. I would sincerely like to. sentence. I think (so) sentence....with joy. It would be an honor, says the speaker. the phrase... After speaking, action follows. phrase.
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Is it appropriate to utilize as an essay conclusion?

The words "in conclusion," "to conclude," "in summary," and "to sum up" should be avoided. In oral presentations, these expressions may be beneficial or even desirable. However, readers can detect when an essay is going to end by the telltale compression of the pages. If you dredge up the obvious, your audience will become irritated.

What English word has the most power?

Why is the word "yet" the most potent one in English? Because when you add yet at the end of a statement, the meaning of the sentence is completely altered. Either "I don't comprehend it" or "I don't grasp it YET" will do.