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Introduction to search engine optimization is enough - Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is translated into Chinese as "Search google seoEngine Optimization". Essentially, it is how to cater to the rules of search engines, so that websites rank higher in search results, such as a PDA industry website. When a user types in "PDA data collector", without SEO, maybe this website is on page 2 or 3 after. Through user behavior analysis, we know that when users search, about 80% of users will give up after browsing the first page. So for a company, how to get their website ranked as high as possible and get more traffic means more opportunities to showcase the company's products and brand. In a word, SEO is about getting your website as high as possible in the natural rankings of search engines.

Keyword "Goddess"

Now that we know what SEO is, how do we develop a website that can rank high? This is to talk about the search engine search principle. I intend to work on this piece of content did not write a few separate articles, or through you can also search online first by yourselves, related analysis articles exist a lot, because I want everyone to have a national overall concept, do not start off drilling into the details.

Search engines display what users want to know based on the search terms they enter. A search term can be several words or a paragraph of text. In SEO, we call them keywords. These keywords are like "goddesses". Everything SEO does revolves around her, and here are some of the common ways I know of.

Keyword analysis, keyword mining, keyword density analysis, keyword page layout, long tail keyword ranking, keyword indexing.

Website internal optimization:Website URL optimization, pseudo-static operation, dead link (404 link) query processing, internal link network optimization, site map site map, 301 redirect settings, robots.txt file compilation, 404 error page settings, image optimization techniques, original website output, etc.

Website for external environment optimization: reasonable external links, friendly link information exchange, webmaster platform can be submitted to the entrance, off-site soft promotion, etc.

Above these are basically some common SEO methods, of course there are some other methods, those methods may have a good ranking effect in the short term, but not conducive to the long-term ranking of the site, all my stocks are based on white hat SEO, if you want to learn black hat SEO, you can search online for other SEOers.

Keyword profiling and mining

In fact, for SEO to say, the old site may be more trouble than the new site, the new site in the station when you can take into account SEO, reasonable keyword layout, for the future SEO to lay a good foundation.

Each website has its own positioning. If the site positioning is not determined in the case of blindly choose keywords, the site ranking optimization will not have any positive effect, but may be punished by the search engine.

When determine the positioning of the site, you can start to research keyword profiling and mining, I do the work is generally the industry enterprise website SEO, industry management website development are some of our students specific keywords, you can improve the search as well as some problem keywords, see what keywords are used in the same industry website design, and then through the webmaster tools, to check the index of all these keywords. There are many related keywords, long-tail keywords, and then analyze the difficulty of doing these words, according to China's own actual situation to decide which keywords need to be selected first as a major keyword, the main keywords are best controlled in the range of 3-5, with the information site ranking (weight) to improve, and then make timely adjustments.

Long-tail keywords can be placed inside the page to do, here maybe you do not know what is called long-tail keywords, I give a simple example, for example: "Guangzhou car rental" this keyword, that "which company in Guangzhou to rent a car", " Guangzhou car rental which company is good" and so even "Guangzhou car rental" this keyword long tail keywords.

How to analyze and dig specific keywords, long-tail keywords, I will write a separate article to say. See here you have probably calculated a good entry-level search engine optimization, in fact, very simple, do not think that search engine optimization is what lofty things, on two points:

Understand the meaning of google SEO

All the SEO operation is around the website keywords.

Other is a specific analysis of how to achieve the method, these common methods I have mentioned above we have, specific research on how to achieve, need to slowly learn, practice and accumulation, but also need to be based on the actual development of China constantly make adjustments, SEO is not unchanging, but one thing is vital, that is, user-oriented, and constantly strive to improve the quality of website services.

Message from SEO Zen

SEO Zen is a self-employed person who has been in touch with SEO for many years. In the beginning, he has lost contact and has taken many detours. But there is certainly a long way to go for the SEO goddess. This site was created to share free SEO tutorials and SEO optimization techniques in the hope that it will help you, and if you think I'm saying something bad, or saying something wrong, you're welcome to criticize and correct me! Thank you!

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