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3 kinds of circumstances, couples please "endure a", health is more important

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  • Dec 07,2023
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Harmonious and happy husband and wife living together, is a husband and wife can enhance the relationship of the important economic factors, and development is conducive to improve physical mental health. But for both husband and wife in the sex life,vibrator controlled by phone there are many taboos and pay attention to, if not follow us these issues things, then it is easy to have a certain impact on the physical health education. These three points in time, even if you like it again, you can not have sex without.

What are the three things you can not have sex?

1. After drinking alcohol

Generally speaking, many young couples like to drink two glasses of wine during sex. The first is to regulate the atmosphere of both sides.bluetooth controlled sex toys If the atmosphere is well regulated, the joint will be more efficient. However, having sex after drinking is very harmful to health, because the blood circulation of both sides is accelerated after drinking, and alcohol also enters the blood of both men and women, which is very harmful to the kidneys. If you have intercourse, then it is easy to have fetal deformities, which will have a greater impact on the fetus.

2. During menstruation

During menstruation, both men and women need to pay attention to many things. Because at this time the vagina is acidic, with relatively strong antibacterial, relatively strong resistance to foreign viruses and bacteria, can enhance the body's immunity,wireless vibrating bullet if the female friend during menstruation, will be in the case of cervical opening, but also can be discharged some leukorrhea, which is a strong resistance of women. Sex during menstruation is easy to cause gynecological diseases, some patients are also prone to prolonged menstrual period or excessive blood, and if serious, it is also easy to cause pelvic congestion.

3. When you are tired

At present, women's lives are more stressful, and work pressure is also greater. These pressures will make you feel physically and mentally exhausted, your energy and stamina will become relatively poor, and it is difficult to recover your stamina. Over time, you will have an aversion to coitus, so try not to have sex when you are tired and rest, otherwise it will affect the feelings of both husband and wife, and is not conducive to the harmony of sexual life, it must be noted.

The number of times men and women have sex, should not be too frequent, then it is easy to can cause gynecological diseases, the impact on the development of physical and mental health is relatively large, so we must pay attention to the cohabitation should pay attention to the clean management work, pay attention to environmental hygiene. After drinking alcohol through must not have sex, drinking alcohol after sex, the quality of the body health hazards to a great deal, and if they are pregnant, it is easy for the fetus physical health education has a certain impact on the health of the fetus is not conducive to the health of the fetus.