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Electric curtains shopping guide: from mechanism to fabric, eight points to help you choose the right ideal product

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  • Aug 28,2023
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 Different operation mechanism and decorative effect

1. Different operation mechanism and decorative effect

According to the different mechanisms of operation and decorative effect, motorized curtains can be divided into: motorized opening and closing curtains series, motorized lifting curtains series, motorized ceiling curtains (outdoor motorized ceiling and indoor motorized ceiling), motorized shades, motorized sunshade umbrellas series, etc., such as blinds, rollers, Roman curtains, soft gauze curtains, style curtains, honeycomb curtains and so on.

2, different forms

From the form can be divided into:motorized curtains, motorized roller blinds, motorized blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor shades, hollow blinds, full or half shade rail roller blinds.

3, the installation environment and drive development method to carry out different:

Inner canopy curtain can be divided into FTS (double side motor rolling tension system),solar blind FCS (single side motor or double side motor rail folding curtain system), fSS (single side motor single side spring tension system) and so on.

4、Choice of motor

DC motor is safe and reliable; high electric efficiency, no heat, no thermal protection (AC motor), low noise, low emission, belongs to low-carbon products.roller blind Therefore, one is when the safety level is high, and the other is when the DC motor needs to run for a long time. General high-grade curtain opening and closing motors are mainly DC motors.

5, choose the right fabric

There is a great deal to learn about choosing fabrics for motorized roller shades. If you have a beautiful outdoor scenery, or you need good light conditions, sunshine fabric is your best choice. With sunlight fabrics, you can see the outdoors clearly indoors and the outdoors can't see through the indoors. If you have too much outdoor light, or you use your computer indoors, you need to choose a full shade fabric with good shading performance to achieve the best shading effect.

6, look at the accessories

The accessories of the electric car curtains need to cooperate with the motor, the mechanism to cooperate with the students well, the precision can be required to have a high, need to choose the accessories of good teaching quality. Electric as well as Roman blinds, electric blinds of the best way to choose the best way to choose the ribbed coiler,motorized roller blind rolling flat, will not lead to the emergence of the left high and right low or right high and left low situation, the impact of a more beautiful; ordinary drawstring products for long-term use of hanging, and after sun and rain, easy to produce deformation, embrittlement and fracture, you need to choose the structure of dense and solid drawstring.

7, look at the production process

How the production process of the product, a direct impact on the practicality and aesthetics of the product, must not be underestimated. From the production process can be observed in many details: track surface treatment process, fabric cutting process, the flexibility of the seat installation, the flexibility of the blade, blade cutting process, the strength of the rope.

8, choose the brand

Selection of motorized curtains is too much to learn, many consumers do not understand, directly to the price as a determining factor, the result is to buy the product can not be used or not suitable. Consumers should not blindly worship foreigners. Now the domestic motor in performance and appearance and foreign motors are almost the same, but the price difference of 5-10 times. Cost-effective or domestic. Of course, to choose the quality assurance, good after-sales service brand products. At present, the domestic manufacturers of after-sales service is also guaranteed.

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