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How to do daily basic skin antioxidant?

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  • Gillian
  • Jul 24,2021
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How to do daily basic skin antioxidant?

Whenever it comes to skin care woes, many girls say they really can't finish talking about it for days and nights, taking the skin antioxidant point, it is enough to upset. In addition to various external stimuli and injuries will accelerate the speed of skin aging, even daily mental stress, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep and other bad habits also heavy skin oxidation phenomenon. So how can you do the basic antioxidant work in daily life to slow down the speed of aging? This will take you from the diet, lifestyle and skin care three aspects to improve it!

Maintain a healthy diet structure


As the easiest diet to improve, setters can consume more foods similar to tea, grapes, tomatoes and other anti-oxidant-rich foods in their daily lives to fight free radicals in the skin. At the same time, you should avoid foods high in fat and grease to reduce the possibility of absorbing free radicals.

Adhere to good work and rest habits


In addition to avoiding staying up late, the set of beauty can also arrange some moderate aerobic exercise for themselves, such as jogging, yoga, rope skipping and other sports to accelerate their metabolic rate and improve the skin's anti-oxidant capacity.

Daily moderate reasonable skin care

The last is the daily basic skin care, set the beauty in the selection of skin care products, should pay attention to the choice of ingredients, try to choose some mild ingredients and can provide effective anti-oxidation ability of skin care products, with abundant anti-oxidation ability nourishment, for the skin to replenish nutrients, restore the vitality of cells.