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Causes and solutions of laser cutting machine cutting through

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  • Sep 21,2023
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Causes and solutions of laser cutting machine cutting through

In the process of using laser cutting machine, laserpecker 2 pro metal laser cutting machine cutting opaque material, which makes our laser cutting machine processing quality is affected, at the same time, the waste of material on the laser cutting machine will have a certain impact, why there will be metal plate parts incision is not smooth or optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting opacity? Laser cutting machine through the case of cutting how to do? Here we come together to understand.

Why does the laser cutter cut through the laser cutting machine?

In general, the laser cutting through the reasons for:

Laser power drop laser cutter.

After long-term use, the laser power of fiber laser cutting machine will gradually decrease with the extension of use time, which will eventually lead to the decrease of cutting ability and the occurrence of cutting through laserpecker 1.

The thickness of the processed plate exceeds the cutting thickness of the equipment limit.

There is a limit cutting thickness for fiber laser cutting machines with different powers. If the limit thickness is exceeded, the cutting effect of the equipment will be unsatisfactory, including watertight cutting.

Optical component contamination

Optical elements include focusing mirror, reflector, because of long-term poor working environment, it is easy to lead to lens surface residue, reduce the power of the laser, leading to cutting.

On-site debugging of equipment is not up to standard.

The cutting site of fiber laser cutting machine is the most important factor that affects the cutting quality.

Equipment cutting speed is too fast

If the cutting speed is too fast, cutting leakage will inevitably occur, which will lead to water-tight cutting.

There is not enough auxiliary gas pressure

The auxiliary gas helps to blow off the residue during cutting. When the gas pressure is not enough, it is difficult to remove the residue, which will lead to airtight cutting. These are the main reasons why the fiber laser cutting machine cuts water-tightness.

If a laser cutter can not cut, what should we do?

Therefore, to solve the problem of impervious cutting, we need to find the source of the problem. We need to check them one by one. Laser cutting solutions:

1. Check the power of the laser cutting machine is down, if so, we need to replace the laser tube, the regulator slip larger, to increase the laser current output, increase output power.

2. We should reduce the cutting speed when cutting, and reasonably clean the contaminated reflector and replace the focusing lens.

3. If the light path is incorrect, refocus the light path until the laser hits a circular spot on the paper.

4. When cutting copper and aluminum, it is best to polish their surfaces in advance or coat them with light-absorbing materials to deal with the problem of high reflectivity.

5. Clean the foreign matter in the nozzle regularly, increase the auxiliary gas pressure, and replace the distilled water cooling system in time.

We can deal with this cut-through problem according to the above methods, and we will do every step well, so naturally there will be no cut-through or poor cut-through. The above is what I shared today. Please continue to pay attention to us if there is no more related content.

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