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Do you make money by delivering food and opening food stores? What are the food delivery platforms?

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  • Aug 17,2020
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Takeaway mainly refers to the service provided by the catering industry. After the order is confirmed, the food will be delivered to the place designated by the customer. Common delivery foods include pizza, fast food, box lunches, drinks, etc.

All sellers can be said to provide outbound services and goods to take out. Water delivery, flower delivery, gas delivery, delivery, home repair, these are all takeaways.

The development of the takeaway industry

1. Restaurant packaging

packaging is the earliest form of takeaway. Although it is very old, it continues to this day.

2. Order by phone

With the popularization of telephones and mobile phones,Takeaway Offer(網購優惠). ordering meals over the phone has gradually become the main means of the food delivery industry, and food delivery discounts have also led to the rapid development of the food delivery industry. Compared with traditional restaurants for packaging, telephone ordering has the advantage of not having to provide door-to-door services, which has greatly stimulated the development of the food delivery service industry.

3. Website ordering

The popularity of the Internet in the 1990s enabled the food delivery industry to develop rapidly. Students and white-collar workers have become the main force in the order of the website. Subsequently, many Chinese Internet ordering companies have developed and integrated.

4. WeChat ordering

Smart development of mobile phones and WeChat have become very common. The small programs developed by WeChat’s secondary resources, with their absolute competitive advantages that do not require downloading and do not occupy desktop space, occupy the market of many apps and become the first choice for businesses to explore research fields. So it is possible that many of us can order takeaways through WeChat.

What are the advantages of takeaway

1. Time-saving and convenient

For those who are inconvenient to cook or are too lazy to cook, takeaway is undoubtedly the best choice. It not only saves the trouble of buying vegetables, washing vegetables, and cooking, but also does not need to wash dishes, especially for busy office workers. To say. For consumers who order online, in addition to entering the information when ordering for the first time, they cannot fill in again after ordering, and the ordering speed is more obvious.

2. Wide variety

There are many kinds of takeaway food, you can taste all kinds of delicious, and the taste is rich, which can solve the problem that is difficult to adjust. Takeaway words are generally home-cooked dishes, and the taste is more appropriate. Of course, there are snacks, drinks, etc. There are many types, so you can order whatever you want.

3. Many discounts

Nowadays, people can hardly live without their mobile phones, and now they can order food online. Generally speaking, whether it is a catering website or a mobile catering app, there are certain discounts for people ordering food online.

4. Cost saving and convenient management

For merchants, the takeaway App has unified order and distribution management, which effectively reduces restaurant operating costs and improves distribution efficiency! Catering companies are connected to the Internet to facilitate customers to understand the situation of catering companies. Catering companies can easily conduct customer research to understand customer needs, desires and consumer psychology.