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8 popular Giorgio Armani red tube black tube lip glaze test color sharing

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  • Ariel
  • Aug 17,2020
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There are so many lipsticks, and each brand has my favorite color. Today, I will share the new Amani color test-lip glaze.

This brand contains a total of 8 red tubes, 6 red tubes and 2 black tubes. The red tube velvet is obviously better than the black tube, and it is better in terms of color, fullness, color rendering and durability.


The color numbers are:

Red tube 200 milk tea color: a versatile one, not picky, suitable for brown eyeshadow.

The red tube 300 is bright orange: a little fluorescent, don't enter the black or yellow skin, it's more picky, and I usually use it less.

Red tube 405 tomato red: a more distinctive one, very uplifting, but not as ostentatious as red, a bit like pepper color, the most white.

Red Tube 500 Bean Paste Color: A more pink bean paste color, everyday but nothing special.

Red tube 504 pink rose red: the color of the upper mouth shot test is more distorted, and the test color on the hand has no color difference. It is rose red, which is brighter and needs makeup.

Red tube 509 with pearly rose red: This color number is a limited edition, it feels a bit like 504 with some pearl particles added in it, more special, and darker than 504, berry red.

Kumquat with flashing black tube 302: a color that is more difficult to describe, the feeling of kumquat, especially, recommended.

Black tube 500 mermaid alternative color: This one is the most disappointing, it is relatively hot, but the color is not very good, it is too moist, there is not much makeup after the mouth is on the picture, and the baby with dark lip color does not Bought it.