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Ear hole comfortable sound reduction effect is very good

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  • Jun 12,2022
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Ear hole comfortable sound reduction effect is very good

Price a pair and homemade rapid 3d prototyping earplugs cost fee compared to more than 500 times the difference, silicone earplugs before application to warm boiling water soak softened put into the ear hole application characteristics application 5 times constantly with high strength, will lead to ear hole pain can not last reasonable silent mode and low cost application, silicone rubber structure headphones despite the poor breathable effect no hole-like, but because of its plastic class resilience after strength and adults are not the same kind of ear hole in line with the actual Probability is small, so it will produce pinhole leakage steam or tiny small round hole leakage steam, a generation of leakage steam sound insulation noise reduction actual effect on the reduction of noise into the ear type about twenty to thirty sound decreases, ear hole inner cavity bending sheepish, blockage solid will occur ear hole swelling and headset leakage steam and even sleep quality in pain and pain side discomfort, can not reasonably do long-term comfort and quiet actual effect, and ear turn bending wall does not match that produce ear pain swelling, the Not likely to be stuffed into long-term applications, noise isolation sleep reduction.

The enterprise product bitmain l7 characteristics now do now soft strength at any time use with the adjustment of raw materials made products for breathable effect after the poor human plastic-like, make sure that a pair of silicone earplugs cost fee to do this headset more than 500 pairs can continue to put into the ear hole application N years and nothing uncomfortable.

Sponge class headphones: noise cancelling earbuds and earphones low-voltage bubble mold material, high elasticity polyester raw materials made of soundproof earplugs surface glossy, rebound force is slow, the application of the ear inside and no up pain, sound insulation noise reduction actual effect 25dB-40dB middle. This kind of headset is especially suitable for every night sleep quality application, but because of the slow rebound after cleaning the actual effect will become weak and can not be constantly applied, generally speaking sponge earplugs are all used that is abandoned type. However, due to the trend of scientific research, so far there are some sponge earplugs on the market can be repeatedly applied for more than 6 months and can be cleaned.
Wax headphones (Wax): wax earplugs are the originator of soundproof earplugs, take the hand can be softened and made to fit the ear hole. But the shortcoming is the lack of environmental health, wax is also very likely to remain in the ear hole, not easy to clean. And wear a long time inside the ear will appear sore feeling.

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