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What is the difference between a mite exterminator and a vacuum cleaner? Anti-UV mites are just a myth?

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  • Mar 03,2023
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in order to sterilize

Vacuum cleaners can get rid of mites, mite eliminators can also get rid of mites, best wet and dry cordless vacuum cleanerso for what can be the difference between the two? Which mite removal effect is better? Today we will share ourselves with you about the difference between these two technical products!

1.what is the difference between the dust mite apparatus and Chinese vacuum cleaner?

The difference between a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner is that a vacuum cleaner is able to clean the dust and garbage in the environment. It is a household appliance that helps to clean the room. It does not have the function of removing mites.

ACARID machine is a professional mite tool that removes mites from bed and bedding by tapping, vibration, UV radiation and strong attraction.

2.What is the best way to remove mites?

Professional mite killer is more effective. Because professional miticide not only has strong suction power, but also adds high frequency vibration or UV function to achieve further mite killing and sterilization effect. Although vacuum cleaners can also remove mites, Extendable Curtain Trackbut with the increase in use time, suction power will be reduced, so overall the mite killer is more effective!

3.Which one is worth buying?

If you have a vacuum cleaner, and by being equipped with a mite removal brush head, then the Chinese vacuum cleaner is enough; if you do not use a vacuum cleaner, and we need mite removal equipment, then the business can proceed to buy a direct mite removal device. Try to choose for yourself a different amplitude mite removal device, low amplitude mite removal device does not perform well!

It should be noted that the ultraviolet type anti-mite table should never buy!

In the laboratory, ultraviolet light needs to meet certain conditions in order to sterilize. Continuous irradiation solar blindfor more than 60 minutes under a 30W UV lamp can kill some mites. However, as long as there is a cover, even a paper towel, it is easy to hide the UV light. So those 3W-5W mite removal machines on the market are basically ineffective.