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What is the most comfortable bath?

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  • Jul 13,2023
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bulk loofah 6 inch

Taking a bath every day, no one seems to have studied it carefully, so this time I chose four commonly used bath products.

Four hours of practice tells you which is the best.

Because the function and focus of each type of bathing product are quite different, so our evaluation technology will be relatively less this time, and more comprehensive analysis and description can be felt from the bathing process.

Natural bulk loofah 6 inch, bath ball, bath mitt, loofah

natural sponge

The feeling of using natural hemp sponge is the most comfortable among the four.

It's a bit rough when it's dry, but it gets very brittle when it's full of water.

The foaming ability is also good. A lot of small bubbles can be rubbed out. The foam is also very delicate, and the whole bathing process feels very comfortable.

However, its size feels a bit small.

And it is not easy to clean, because the bamboo sponge has a strong adsorption force and needs to be cleaned several times.

Bath ball

Screen bath balls should be very common, basically everyone has used them, and the foaming ability is the strongest among the four types.

It feels a bit rough when rubbing the body, and the cleaning effect is average, but overall I like it and it is suitable for daily use.

If you wash it, you need to wash it many times, but it is easier than natural sponges.

bath gloves

Bath gloves are made of flannelette with silk screen attached, so the overall design of the company feels more comfortable than a simple bath ball.

It seems that gloves are more convenient to wipe, but in actual use, it is found to be very inflexible, and two hands need to exchange gloves to wipe, which is too inefficient. So I think this is rather tasteless.

The pain and cleansing power used is basically manual control. The greater the force of friction, the hungrier and more painful. But the towel itself is relatively soft, so it won't hurt too much.

The cleaning and drying of the inside of the glove is rather inconvenient and easy to mold.


The loofah is the middle part of the loofah, which is dried and shaped for bathing. It has a history of hundreds of years in China, and Li Shizhen praised its role back then.

But the loofah is too painful to take a bath. If it is because it is specially designed for rubbing the back, the design of the shape is also very inconvenient, and we students can feel a strong tingling sensation when rubbing the back.

Since it is a tubular fiber structure, the foaming effect is not good.

Before soaking in water, it is a relatively hard one. I thought it would soften a lot after soaking in water, but that's not the case at all. After soaking in water, it is still hard. After a few tries on your hands, the tendons of the loofah will rub your arms hard.

Because it is hard to soak in water or not, it is not easy to clean it.

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