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10 truths about housework collection -- sorting out life, starting from sorting

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  • Feb 13,2023
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10 truths about housework collection -- sorting out life, starting from sorting

1. Space can be described by these words:

Stupid: refers to the dusty areas in my home, such as the area where the flowerpot is placed at my door;

Casual: put different things together after use, such as the drawer in my living room;

Fill up: things gush out after opening in Moschino Kids HK some places, such as the top of my grandma's wardrobe;

Space: There are only one or two objects in some places, which are empty when opened, such as the wooden cabinet next to my restaurant;

Reasonable: people can find common objects, such as kitchen condiments, only by looking for them twice.

2. When I throw away the old things, I make room for the new things. Similarly, when I decide to discard the old ideas, I also make room for the new ideas.

3. According to taking photos of your room, you can check the messy area.

4. I want to know why I hold on to something and don't want to give up, which reflects my worries and fears. I'm afraid of deleting photos and official account from my mobile phone because I'm afraid I can't find them in the future. If I delete them, it means I no longer have them, and it means I will miss a lot of things and information.

5. The key to prevent delay: doing is good, doing in time is better, and the extreme is only imagination. Therefore, forget the extreme and do whatever you want. Thesis is always to be written. It's okay if you can't write it well, but you must finish it.

6. Am I afraid of consumption? Are you afraid of no money? Are you afraid that you will never find something again? Worried about missing opportunities and information? Are you worried about doing something wrong in the future? Identifying what I fear will help me take measures to overcome this emotion. I'm afraid of missing opportunities and information, I'm afraid that I can't make the best choice, I'm afraid that I won't achieve anything, and I'm afraid that my life will become nothing.

7. Don't ask yourself: what kind of person best electric mop for laminate floors I used to be, which can be found in my album. Don't worry about: 'What kind of person will my ambition change?'. The only important question is who I am now.

8. Sometimes, I am too strict with myself. By thanking myself for what I have now, I can put down these "ambitious clutter" more easily. A large number of papers and official account information, as well as a large number of Baidu Cloud materials, should be put down.

9. Time management can use details and calendars, which need to be divided into four parts: 1 Mobile information processing, WeChat, phone, official account, and words. 2. Computer office: data processing, thesis, ppt. 3. Action items: washing hong kong universities ranking clothes, bathing, shopping and exercising. 10. Long-term projects: study, spiritual training, IELTS listening and speaking. The calendar must fill in the names of these four categories in the specific time, and use the 30 minute grid to manage and limit their completion goals.