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Internet of things communication module is the cornerstone of connecting things to the network!

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Internet of things communication module is the cornerstone of connecting things to the network!

Communication system module is the key important link to achieve the function of information and communication technology, in the development of the Internet of things enterprises are expected to take the lead in the development of benefit.

Communication module is the chip, memory, communication module amplifier devices, etc. integrated in a circuit board, and provide a standard data interface function module.

All kinds of terminals can realize the communication function with the help of the module. Communication modules include cellular communication modules (2/3/4/5G/NB-loT, etc.) and non-cellular communication modules (2/3/4/5G/NB-loT, etc.). And non-cellular communication modules (WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc.).

IoT terminal needs communication module to realize networking function, communication module is in the relative upstream position of IoT industry chain, and the industry tends to be mature.

The upstream of communication module is baseband chip, RF chip, capacitor, resistor and other electronic devices, of which the core is standardized baseband chip, accounting for more than 50% of the material cost of the module, the chip link provides the basic communication capability;

Communication module downstream for the Internet of Things technology equipment manufacturers or Internet of Things management system integrators, downstream enterprise application information fragmentation, the development of each sub-market area is extremely fragmented.

The module segment can play the role of bearing up and taking over the chip industry, providing a more perfect RF capability;

Downward to connect with downstream channels, secondary resources development, to meet the customized software and hardware needs of different customers, to develop and maintain the main channels of downstream applications.

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