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This social problem we really have a lot of classmates and friends asked me, there is a good PDF editor.

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  • Sep 18,2023
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Is there any useful pdf editing software?

This social problem we really have a lot of classmates and friends asked me, online pdf converter merge compress there is a good PDF editor. My answer is: Yes.

There's more. I have used some myself, but recently I recommended FoxitPDF Editor Pro. This is the PDF editor I used recently. convert merge pdf to single pdf You can edit PDF content, convert PDF format, and edit PDF permissions, all of which remain unchanged. [Portal: How to Complete PDF Editing]

No matter what system you have, this software has its own version. By functional differentiation, you can have three versions, personal version, professional version, enterprise version, these three versions have Mac, Windows, Linus, Android, Apple Port, very targeted.

I don't know what system you are in, here is the version of WIN system. word to pdf converter free download offline Let me give you a brief introduction to the functions of this software.

1. Reading function

Word, Excel, PPT, TXT and image access, support text rearrangement, and automatic voice reading, lazy essential! If you want to use your phone, import PDF directly into the phone interface and open access with one click.

2, PDF editing function

Modify PDF content, including but not limited to text, pictures, videos, audio and tables in the following languages. You can also convert the information format of various technical document data formats in PDF format.

Create new PDF files, web pages, Zip PDF, set PDF permissions, merge and split PDF files, explain, seal, e-sign, all you can do.

You can even create complex interactive forms directly.

3, convenient management of data

Pdfs are stored on mobile phones, tablets, computers and a variety of devices, and wireless data transfers between computers and mobile devices are made over WiFi. Text document backup is in the cloud, allowing multiple devices to synchronize their reading schedules.