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Grasp the critical period of growth and cultivate the creativity of

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  • Aug 18,2020
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Grasp the critical period of growth and cultivate the creativity of

There will be many stages in the growth process of babies, and at a certain stage they will have corresponding performances. For example, children will have some strange ideas when they are around two or three years old, and they will start to have creativity and destructive power. These two are Coexist, then how should we cultivate children's creativity? Today, let us take a look at the 360 ​​common sense network.

Grasp the best time to cultivate creativity

Some mothers think that the baby is too young to start cultivating creativity. When he grows up, it will not be too late. But moms and dads, do you know when is the critical period for the development of babies' creativity?

The baby’s early childhood and pre-school period are the critical period for the cultivation of creativity and imagination. Parents take a good grasp of this stage and adopt some methods to stimulate the baby’s creativity, which is very beneficial to the baby's life. To five years after the baby's creative thinking ability began to decline, so in everyday life , the parents do not miss every opportunity to develop your baby's creativity.

How to improve baby's creativity

1. Create more opportunities for the child to make his own decisions

If parents want to better help their children improve their creativity, they must give their children more opportunities in their lives, and let the children arrange the environment they want according to their own ideas, such as how to place the desk and how to put the photos. In the process of arranging their own living environment, children will have some new ideas. Parents only need to encourage and implement their children’s ideas. Parents can also give some positive comments and encouragement, which can help children improve their creativity. Be more confident.

2. To stimulate children's creativity through learning art

When children reach the age of three, they can enroll them in some interest classes, such as music, art or handicraft. Handcraft is the best way to exercise children’s creativity. Buy some plasticine to encourage children to pinch their favorite animals, not only It stimulates children's imagination and creativity, and at the same time can exercise the development of children's fine movements of the fingers, and also has a good role in promoting the development of the brain.

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3. Support children's curiosity

When children are young, curiosity can often prompt children to have a desire for knowledge about certain things and activities. This is the most primitive motivation for children to explore the world. Under this motivation, they will continue to study or explore some unknown things, so that children will always Be curious about the world and cultivate children's creativity.


4. Develop creativity in games

Every child likes to play games. Games are the leading activity for children. In the process of games, children can simply imitate and develop, play the role of the game, make game props, etc. These are all from their usual observations. The real scenes are also derived from their imaginations. Parents often participate in children's games to play some of these roles, and help children cultivate creativity in the process of playing with children, which helps to promote children's creativity.

Five, take more children out

The rich life experience is helpful for children’s creativity development. Take them to see the outside world more. If you have the conditions, you can take them to travel everywhere. Travel can broaden your children’s horizons and allow them to learn through persuasion. A variety of knowledge, but also can exercise children's independent ability, good character can be cultivated, etc. The creativity and imagination of well-informed children are definitely much stronger than ordinary children, so let's take them to see the outside world.

As for how to improve children’s creativity, it’s almost the same as what parents have introduced. Every child will encounter various problems at the developmental stage. As long as it is not a problem that violates principles, I hope that we can actively encourage children and let them Get inspired by playing and improve creativity in tricks. I believe that as long as parents can maintain a good attitude and are willing to accompany their children patiently, children will grow smart and cute.


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