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Intimidation education will kill children's spirituality

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  • Aug 18,2020
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Intimidation education will kill children's spirituality

What do you do when your child is disobedient? Reasonable, corporal punishment or frightening? After trying the above methods, parents will find that intimidation education is the easiest and most effective.

Intimidation education is generally divided into two types, one is to say cruel things, such as telling children "I don't want you anymore", and the other is to make up a terrible character to scare children, such as "a disobedient child will be caught by a big bad wolf." Take it away". From an adult's perspective, this is just a joke, but it can cause great harm to children.

Speaking harshly by parents will reduce the children's sense of security and affect their trust in their parents. For children who are not yet independent, being abandoned means destruction. Parents saying "don't you" to their children are equivalent to adults being suddenly threatened to lose their income and house, and the psychological pressure they endure can be imagined. When the child was threatened many times, it was gradually discovered that the parent would not do it. From then on, no matter what the parents say, the children no longer believe it.

Making up a terrible character to scare children may cause fear, and even lead to dislocation of family education authority. Psychological test found that by artificial means your child afraid of white rats, and then the child will be afraid all the white hairy stuff. We cannot fully understand the inner world of the child, nor can we control it. If the parents attribute the reason for observing the rules to the outside world, the children will easily form a victim's psychology and will only obey the rules when they are forced to do so instead of actively respecting them.


The essence of intimidation education is to use fear to control children. At the same time, children's spirituality will be stifled. Growth is a process in which children gradually explore the outside world. They are curious and eager to try everything, so they often touch the boundaries of rules. If children stop trying because they are afraid, they will lose the opportunity to perceive the world and discover themselves. So, how should children be educated when they are naughty?

Set the rules and do what you say. When children make mistakes, parents should set rules and give practical warnings. For example, if a child makes loud noises in public, parents can warn that they will be taken away without stopping, and subsequent activities will be cancelled. If parents can do what they say every time, the children will feel a sense of awe and learn to exercise restraint .

Delay gratification and protect spirituality. Most of the time, children who are naughty do not deliberately want to annoy their parents, but are just curious about something. For example, if a child knocks a bowl while eating in a restaurant, parents should stop it immediately. But when you get home, you can put out different tableware for the children to tap and see to satisfy their curiosity. Children who are respected are more willing to respect their parents and learn to wait when they encounter similar situations next time.


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